Final release of «Native OLE DB Provider for Firebird v4»

Hello Everyone!

We are very pleased to announce the release of final IBProvider v5.32 with support for Firebird v4.

Some of our users have already appreciated our work and started using IBProvider with FB4, including as a linked MSSQL server.

We are grateful to everyone who helped us.

Special thanks to Marek D., who initiated this process.

General overview of FB4 support in IBProvider

  • The direct connection and connection through fbclient.dll are supported
  • The 63-symbols object names are supported
  • Provider supports the following new datatypes (including arrays):
    • INT128
    • NUMERIC on INT128 base
    • DECFLOAT(16)
    • DECFLOAT(34)
  • Provider supports two mode for processing time zones:
    • Through own algorithms
    • Through external library (ICU)
  • The support of the following queries was implemented:
    • SET BIND
  • Provider executes ALTER SESSION RESET before reusing of the connection. Example
  • The new connection initialization properties were added.

In addition to the above, we have significantly improved the existing functionality.

Therefore, it makes sense to upgrade even if you are not yet planning to move to FB4 or are working with InterBase.

With Best Regards, IBProvider Team.

Database .NET v35.5 released

Database .NET v35.5 is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool.
With it you can easily and intuitive manage all database versions of Firebird (1.5~4.0)
(Free for non-commercial and a single executable file without installation)
Major New features and improvements from 35.1 to 35.5:

  • Added updatable query results
  • Added support for editing and updating of uuid data type of Firebird
  • The content of blob sub_type 1 of Firebird can be edited directly
  • Improved Form Editor
  • Improved Generating Scripts
  • Improved Database Diagram
  • Updated FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient to
  • and more

Database Workbench 6.3.0 released

Upscene Productions is proud to announce the availability of the next release of the popular multi-DBMS development tool:

” Database Workbench 6.3.0″

This version includes full support for the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server and MariaDB.

    One of the major changes in the previous release was the new object selection box in the Object Editors: much faster on a large number of objects and it now includes a filter for easier usage.

    Database Workbench 6 comes in 3 different editions with different pricing models, there’s always a version that suits you!

    Release of IBProvider v5.31

    Hello Everyone!

    We have completed the third step in the process of implementing FB4 support in our OLE DB provider.

    This release adds support for TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE, improves support for INT128 and improves support for NUMERIC data types.

    Please review the changes carefully.

    At the end of the news we have prepared a special offer for you.

    Kind Regards, IBProvider Team.

    Firebird to CSV

    Firebird to CSV converter is a free program to export Firebird or Interbase databases into comma separated values (CSV) files. The program has high performance due to direct reading of the source database and writing into CSV files. Firebird to CSV converter does not use ODBC or any other middleware. Command line support allows to script, automate and schedule the conversion process.


    • All versions of Firebird and Interbase are supported
    • Fast conversion engine (100MB database – in less than 5 minutes on average modern system)
    • Option to convert individual tables
    • Option to select separator: tab, comma or semicolon
    • Option to store conversion settings into profile
    • Command line support
    • Easy-to-use wizard-style interface
    • Full install/uninstall support
    • Unlimited 24/7 support service
    • Freeware

    Firebird External Table Generator (ext-table-gen) 1.0 released

    I am happy to announce the release of “Firebird External Table Generator” (ext-table-gen for short).

    “Firebird External Table Generator” is a commandline tool to transform RFC 4180 CSV files to Firebird external table files (a binary format for external table data).

    External tables are a good way for bulk-loading data into Firebird. Unfortunately, external tables use a fixed-width binary format, and not (more) standard formats like CSV. It is not always easy to create an appropriate external table file, and this is where ext-table-gen can be used.

    At a high level, ext-table-gen provides the following features:

    • Derive a CHAR-based external table definition (i.e. a CREATE TABLE statement and a configuration for ext-table-gen) from a CSV file
    • Transform a CSV file to an external table file (either based on the CSV file itself, or based on a configuration file)

    The current version only supports CHAR columns, which makes the generated file essentially a fixed-width text format. Future versions may introduce support for additional column types.

    You can find the 1.0 release at ext-table-gen v1.0.

    Documentation and release notes can be found on

    The project itself is hosted on

    IBProvider v5.30. DECFLOAT and improved connection pool [FB4]

    Hello Everyone.

    In the current release, we have continued expanding the support of Firebird v4.

    New features

    • The full support of DECFLOAT(16) and DECFLOAT(34) has been implemented
    • The new version of IBProvider supports the ICU v63 from FB4 kit
    • Using «ALTER SESSION RESET» for resetting a connection before reusing (see this new example)

    Kind Regards and Good Luck! IBProvider Team.

    Jaybird 5.0.2 released

    We are happy to announce the release of Jaybird 5.0.2.

    The following has been fixed since Jaybird 5.0.1:

    • Fixed: Reconnect transaction with a transaction id exceeding 0x7FFF_FFFF did not work (jaybird#734)
    • New feature: add connection property parallelWorkers to set Firebird 5.0 isc_dpb_parallel_workers (jaybird#737)
    • New feature: add MaintenanceManager.upgradeOds() for the Firebird 5.0 gfix/service repair action to perform a minor ODS upgrade of a database (jaybird#738)
    • New feature: add parallel workers support for BackupManager (jaybird#739)
    • New feature: add parallel workers support for sweep in MaintenanceManager (jaybird#740)
    • Fixed: DatabaseConnectionProperties.setServerBatchBufferSize(int) ignored provided value and always set default (0, or “use server-side maximum”) (jaybird#741)
    • New feature: add MaintenanceManager.fixIcu() for the Firebird 3.0 gfix/service repair action “ICU” to update or rebuild collations and indexes when the ICU version changed (jaybird#744)
    • Fixed: The first call to getTableStatistics() of a FBTableStatisticsManager instance returned only a few or even no tables; if no tables were returned, subsequent calls would also return no tables (jaybird#747)

    Jaybird 5 supports Firebird 2.5 and higher, on Java 8, 11, 17 and 20 (support for Java 11 and higher using the Java 11 version of the driver).

    See also:

    IBProvider v5.29. The initial support of FB4

    Hello All 🙂

    The implementation of FB4 support requires time. That is why we decided to split this process into parts and make intermediate releases. It will allow you to begin using IBProvider with FB4 right now.

    The current support of FB4

    • You can work with FB4 through fbclient.dll
    • You can work with FB4 through a built-in client ( The 13th protocol will be used
    • The long name of database objects are supported
    • All the FB4 datatypes (including new datatypes: INT128, DECFLOAT, time/date with a time zone) are supported at the metadata layer
    • The full support of INT128 and NUMERIC on base INT128 was implemented
    • New initialization properties were added — int128_rulesnumeric_i16_rules

    Lots of functional and load tests were made with using FB v4.0.3.2937.

    For mission-critical, multi-threaded and 24/7 applications, we highly recommend using the built-in client.

    IBProvider Free does not support FB4.

    Additional changes

    • The support of DBTYPE_TIMESTAMPOFFSET was added
    • The transformation between {DBTIME, DBTIME2} and {DATE, DBDATE, DBTIMESTAMP, FILETIME} was deleted
    • The transformation of NUMERIC into VARIANT was improved
    • The procession of charset names was corrected

    With best regards, IBProvider Team.

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