New issue of EmberWings magazine published

EmberWings is a quarterly PDF magazine about Firebird published by IBPhoenix.

Beyond technical articles, instructions and tips, it contains interviews with noteworthy individuals, an overview of Firebird’s development, information from the Firebird community, evaluations of compelling products, and a touch of thematic humor. All of this presented in a streamlined format with an aesthetically pleasing print-friendly layout.

The magazine is available in IBPhoenix store for free on a pay-what-you-want basis, with half of the proceeds going to the Firebird Foundation. The remaining half is used to finance the publication of the magazine.

This issue has 70 pages.

Jaybird 5.0.5 released

We are happy to announce the release of Jaybird 5.0.5.

The following has been fixed since Jaybird 5.0.4:

  • Fixed: FBResultSetMetaData.getPrecision would always estimate the precision of NUMERIC or DECIMAL columns instead of obtaining the actual precision if the column position was 71 or higher (#731)
  • Optimized the query to retrieve extended field info for ResultSetMetaData.getPrecision to only retrieve columns of type NUMERIC or DECIMAL (#732)
  • Fixed: PreparedStatement.executeBatch() of statement without parameters throws “Statement used in batch must have parameters [SQLState:07001, ISC error code:335545186]” on Firebird 4.0 or higher (#788)
  • New feature: ResultSetMetaData.isAutoIncrement(int) reports true for identity columns if Jaybird can identify the underlying table and column (#793)
  • New feature: Boolean connection property extendedMetadata (default true) to disable querying of extended metadata for getPrecision(int) and isAutoIncrement(int) of ResultSetMetaData (#795)
  • Improvement: The FILTER_CONDITION of DatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo is populated for Firebird 5.0 partial indices (#797)
  • Fixed: ResultSet.isBeforeFirst() and ResultSet.isAfterLast() should always report false for an empty result set (#807)
  • Improvement: Statement.getResultSet no longer throws a SQLException with message “Only one result set at a time/statement” if the current result set has already been returned by executeQuery or a previous call to getResultSet (#762)
  • Improvement: Updated JNA dependency to version 5.14.0 (#810)

Jaybird 5 supports Firebird 2.5 and higher, on Java 8, 11, 17, 21, and 22 (support for Java 11 and higher using the Java 11 version of the driver).

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