Node-firebird-driver-native version 2.4.0 has been released with a few features added.

Node-firebird-driver-native version 2.4.0 has been released with a few features added.

driver, driver-native – 2.4.0

  • Feature #115 – Add method Statement.getExecPathText.
  • Feature #119 – Implementation of isValid property.
  • Feature #121 – Deprecate methods executeReturning* replacing by executeSingleton*.


  • Feature #114 – Add support for Visual Studio 2022 build.

Firebird, Angularjs, Node and Socket.IO – Part 1

John Tomaselli wrote on his blog about his main stack:

I’m going to post my latest project I’m working on and will go back to publish some older works that might be of interest to the community. About a year ago I attended an AngularJS meetup at Google’s NY office and since then have completely changed my development stack. Angular is an awesome approach to developing client side web applications and has truly changed my development life. Of course I needed a back end that supported Firebird. This is where Nodejs comes in and helps explain the gap between posts as it’s taken some time to become proficient with all these new developments. There is a lot to learn and fortunately for those just jumping in, the resources since I began are maturing at a rapid rate (see pluralsight training, eggheadio, books etc) .
The Main Stack:

  • socketio
  • express
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