Node.js Firebird driver 0.0.9 is released (tagged)

Here is the download page and you can check the Commit History for interesting changes (new features)and fixes (memory leaks , utf-8 char fields encoding handling).

  • Fix for slda improper init
  • Fixed memory leak for situation when single connection was used several times for several async queries, it also was making server to eat memory
  • Fix to stream for char fields in UTF encoding
  • Added async transaction start
  • One fix to allow run execute procedure (and tests were added)

#ASP + Firebird: #VisualBasicScript, #JavaScript and #PerlScript

In our example I’ll show you how to use ASP to access a Firebird database via VisualBasicScript, JavaScript and PerlScript. Although not my favorite language, ASP will serve to illustrate the example. Also note that ASP uses ADO technology to access the database. This involves several “layers” so that access occurs.
Of course this may make access a little slow, but not the object of this article. It also assumes that the reader knows the ASP technology.

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