Jaybird 5.0.5 released

We are happy to announce the release of Jaybird 5.0.5.

The following has been fixed since Jaybird 5.0.4:

  • Fixed: FBResultSetMetaData.getPrecision would always estimate the precision of NUMERIC or DECIMAL columns instead of obtaining the actual precision if the column position was 71 or higher (#731)
  • Optimized the query to retrieve extended field info for ResultSetMetaData.getPrecision to only retrieve columns of type NUMERIC or DECIMAL (#732)
  • Fixed: PreparedStatement.executeBatch() of statement without parameters throws “Statement used in batch must have parameters [SQLState:07001, ISC error code:335545186]” on Firebird 4.0 or higher (#788)
  • New feature: ResultSetMetaData.isAutoIncrement(int) reports true for identity columns if Jaybird can identify the underlying table and column (#793)
  • New feature: Boolean connection property extendedMetadata (default true) to disable querying of extended metadata for getPrecision(int) and isAutoIncrement(int) of ResultSetMetaData (#795)
  • Improvement: The FILTER_CONDITION of DatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo is populated for Firebird 5.0 partial indices (#797)
  • Fixed: ResultSet.isBeforeFirst() and ResultSet.isAfterLast() should always report false for an empty result set (#807)
  • Improvement: Statement.getResultSet no longer throws a SQLException with message “Only one result set at a time/statement” if the current result set has already been returned by executeQuery or a previous call to getResultSet (#762)
  • Improvement: Updated JNA dependency to version 5.14.0 (#810)

Jaybird 5 supports Firebird 2.5 and higher, on Java 8, 11, 17, 21, and 22 (support for Java 11 and higher using the Java 11 version of the driver).

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Real-time Firebird – Monitor for Firebird – Server 2.5 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0

We are pleased to present the new version 2 of the Firebird Monitor with “Trace and Audit”.

We are currently offering a 10% discount on the purchase of a license until the end of June 2024. The coupon code is “Discount10”.

With “Trace and Audit”, they are able to record and evaluate every single event in the database.

Visit our homepage and download the demo version.


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Database Workbench 6.5.0 released

Upscene Productions is proud to announce the availability of the next release of the popular multi-DBMS development tool:

” Database Workbench 6.5.0″

Changes in recent releases:

  • Firebird 5 support
  • MySQL 8.3 support
  • PostgreSQL 16.x support
  • SQLite module introduced for full SQLite support, read only support in Pro and Enterprise editions without this module

Database Workbench 6 comes in 3 different editions with different pricing models, there’s always a version that suits you!

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Perl extension DBD::Firebird version 1.38 is released

Perl extension DBD::Firebird version 1.38 is released with quite a few changes if you compare with previous announcement , here are a few from the ChangeLog: add support for Firebird’s BOOLEAN data type , add support for disabling database-level triggers

Revision history for Perl extension DBD::Firebird.
1.38 [2024-05-21]
 * fix syntax error boolean fall back implementation (thanks to Robert Scheck)
 * add support for disabling database-level triggers (gh#53)
1.37 [2024-05-20]
 * fall back to sv_setiv when sv_setbool is not available (gh#58)
1.36 [2024-05-19]
 * fix problems with Perl before 5.36 and Firebird before 3.0
   (gh#56 and gh#57)
1.35 [2024-05-15]
 * ib2sql_type: ignore nullability bit
 * map Firebird's 64-bit integer type to SQL_BIGINT
 * add support for Firebird's BOOLEAN data type
 * fix a couple of compiler warnings
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Release of IBProvider v5.37

We are glad to present a new release of IBProvider — v5.37. This update contains a lot of internal changes and improvements. All the changes have been tested more than one time, so this release is ready for use in your projects. Please update your copy of IBProvider with this version. If you work with Firebird, please use «fb.direct» mode. Thanks.


Build of error message in built-in Firebird client

  • The current release of IBProvider adds the new initialization property ctype_system that allows to point a codepage of operation system where a connected database server is working. This information will help IBProvider process the DBMS system errors
  • Provider uses a connection charset for translating server error messages into UNICODE

Work with ICU

  • ICU 63.1 (FB4). A suppression of translation error between code pages is disabled now (FB:CORE-8108)
  • A processing of ucnv_open function return code is corrected

Common changes

  • vc16 binaries are compiled with C++20
  • vc15 binaries use a built-in thread pool based on the source code of the external thread pool of vc16/vc17 assemblies (source code unification)
  • The information content of the error message “unsupported database server version” is improved
  • The internal instrumental C++ library was refactored

With Best Regards, IBProvider Team.

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Export a Firebird database to CSV, JSON or other formats is a Open Source project to export a Firebird database, show a summary of the database table names, field names, field data types, and index columns. Optionally extract and save table data to a directory, in CSV/JSON (or potentially in any other format), as well any other binary files from blobs.

A subset of the tables and fields can be specified (in python) and the number of records returned can be limited for testing purposes. Output data can be combined or into one or saved in individual files named after the tables.

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libpthread compatibility problem with Firebird 2.5

We’ve identified an issue where the latest libpthread library versions are not compatible with Firebird 2.5 (including the latest available release of vanilla version and HQbird 2.5 till the version

This incompatibility may cause Firebird 2.5 to crash during certain operations on newer Linux distributions. The error occurs frequently in architectures SuperServer and SuperClassic, and less frequently, in Classic.

Immediate Action Required:
To prevent any impact on Firebird 2.5, please follow the guidance provided below.

Assessing Your System:
Determining which Linux distributions are impacted is dificult since libpthread updates can be applied to older operating system versions, potentially introducing the issue to Firebird. It means that any update of OS can bring the problem to your system, even if you are running old version. It means that you need to test your instance of OS.

Testing for Compatibility:
We’ve developed a command-line application to test whether libpthread is compatible with Firebird 2.5.

Download Instructions:
•  The binary for the test application can be downloaded from the following link: www.ib-aid.com/download/libpthread/pthr-tst
•  The source code for the test application is also available at this link: www.ib-aid.com/download/libpthread/test.cpp

Execution Guide:
Execute the test application in your terminal as outlined in the instructions below to perform the compatibility check.

For the Operating System with old libptread (i.e., it is compatible with 2.5)  

wget https://ib-aid.com/download/libpthread/pthr-tst
chmod +x pthr-tst
# ./pthr-tst 
Set signals
Sigenv works 

For the Operating System with new libptread (i.e., not compatible with 2.5):

# ./pthr-tst
Set signals
Segmentation fault

What to do next in short-term

For Firebird 2.5 vanilla users:
If you have made the test and found that libpthread is not compatible with Firebird 2.5, change the architecture to Classic (make sure to do not confuse the configuration!), and then plan to reinstall your Linux Operating System to the old version with compatible libpthread, which does not have this problem – as soon as possible.

If you have made the test and did not encounter the problem with libpthread, there is no direct danger at the moment. Make this test after each OS update.

Please note that Firebird 2.5 is discontinued version, and Firebird Project will not release fix for vanilla version of 2.5.

For user of commercial versions
Contact your vendor to receive a fix.

What to do next in long-term? Upgrade!

Take this as a final notice that you need to upgrade to Firebird 5.0. The version 2.5 was good and stable, but it originates from 2010, the majority of products released in that year already retired.

There are enough material to perform upgrade in the smooth and easy way, see for details Practical Migration Guide to Firebird 5.


Please feel free to ask any questions: ak@firebirdsql.org

Original article: https://firebirdsql.org/en/news/urgent-and-import-message-for-users-of-firebird-2-5-on-linux/

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Stored routine debugger Hopper, v2.3 released

Upscene Productions is proud to announce version 2.3.0 of “Hopper”, a stored routine debugger for InterBase, Firebird or MySQL.

This release brings support for Firebird 5 and bugfixes.

For more information, check the Hopper page at our website.

About Hopper
Hopper is a stored routine debugging tool for MySQL, Firebird and InterBase. If you use
stored procedures on these database systems, Hopper will be a great tool for debugging
these routines.

About Upscene Productions
Based in The Netherlands, Europe, this small but dedicated company has been providing
database developers with useful tools for over 20 years. Slowly expanding the product portfolio
and gaining recognition amongst InterBase and Firebird database developers, they now offer
tools for a whole range of database systems, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

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