Release of ADO.NET Provider for OLE DB – v1.11

Hello everyone!

We released a new update of our ADO.NET provider for OLE DB, which allows the work with Firebird and InterBase from .NET application through IBProvider.

Description of change

When connecting to the Firebird, InterBase and Yaffil databases, the «ISC:DatabaseDialect» and «ISC:ConnectionDialect» columns are available in the «DataSourceInformation» metadata schema.

This information is taken from the information properties of IBProvider: «IB Database Dialect» and «IB Connection Dialect», respectively.

The full list of columns in the DataSourceInformation schema is defined in the static class OleDbMetaDataCollectionColumnNames.DataSourceInformation.

You may get our ADO.NET provider from IBProvider site and from NUGET site.

Regards, IBProvider Team.

Release of ADO.NET provider for OLE DB engines!

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce the release of our “LCPI ADO.NET provider for OLE DB” which allows to create a professional solutions for Firebird!

Our .NET provider doesn’t force you to use ADO.NET as the exclusive access technology in application. You can use ADODB and work with OLEDB provider directly. Simultaneously!

You can use any .NET programming language and any programming language that supports COM or ActiveX. All at once!

And, of course, you can be sure in quality of this ADO.NET provider. We used TDD from beginning to end of development cycle.

Read the full text of press release here –

Windows Azure Web Sites and Firebird

Jiří Činčura wrote about his experience with Firebird Embedded and Azure Websites

To sum up. Firebird Embedded works well in Windows Azure Websites. If you need fully featured SQL database for zero extra-money with option to go hassle-free to full server if the need comes, it’s a way to go.

Custom conventions in Entity Framework 6 helping Firebird – part 2

Few days ago I wrote a post “Custom conventions in Entity Framework 6 helping Firebird“.Arthur Vickers from Entity Framework team had a good question whether it works also for columns and tables that are generated by Entity Framework (like join tables for M:N, FK columns (if not in model), etc.). And it actually does not. :) For this you have to dig a little bit deeper and use model-based convention.

SplendidCRM on FirebirdSQL demo page and Database structure

SplendidCRM (version C# of SugarCRM) is ported from MSSQL over to
FirebirdSQL 2.5.2

It is in a “testable” debug version on this url

username : user
password : user

This changes from the usual will/will 🙂

It is the “community” version and I would like to have your feedback on their added value in a CRM, before carrying over the enterprise modules.

Two precision/information points:
1) One is on a small DSL in Finland, so your GSM has more disponibility and bandwidth
2) the data structure is available for viewing here

Your comments are welcome 🙂

I will add one more comment from the Firebird porter :

Thanks to Firebird, the memory and processing space has been reduced with two thirds when migrated from MSSQL to FirebirdSQL.
Why don’t everybody switch over to Firebird? 🙂


Dozens of new options for Firebird and .NET Framework


If you have ever worked with Firebird or Interbase using the standard .NET provider for OLE DB (System.Data.OleDb), you will have likely encountered issues like this:

  • The necessity to add ALL parameters manually.
  • Even though the OLE DB provider supports parameter generation for commands, the .NET provider doesn’t use it, so you as the programmer must do that work on your own.
  • The lack of support for named parameters. Although they actually exist, using them in reality requires a whole set of complex manipulations (the steps needed to add a parameter to a collection, etc.).
  • The impossibility of using multiple DataReader objects at the same time (Multiple Active Result Sets).
  • No execution of SQL scripts which contain several SQL expressions per command.

This list of difficulties a .NET developer has to deal with is far from complete.

Now it’s all different in a fundamentally new ADO.NET Data Provider for OLE DB

IBProvider Team

Firebird driver

Disabling database triggers in FirebirdClient (.Net)

Via Jiří {x2} Činčura blog:

Database triggers are a nice new feature added to Firebird in version 2.1. And as you can do a lot of stuff with them, sometimes you also might wanna to connect without firing these, especially if you made a mistake there and it’s forcibly closing your connection. :) To disable these, standard Firebird utilities have a new switches. But it boils down to the API itself, nothing magical.

And if it’s in API, it could be FirebirdClient, right? In last few days among working on other bugs and my daily responsibilities I had a time to dig into this. And now also from .NET world we can use this feature.

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