InfoQ: Q&A with Jiri Cincura of the Firebird Database Project about the ADO.NET provider , ORM ,EF …

Jiri Cincura was recently interviewed for InfoQ article – Q&A with Jiri Cincura of the Firebird Database Project. We touched Firebird, ADO.NET, O/RMs, Entity Framework etc. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Update: The article seems to be retracted for the moment , Don’t panic we asked why and investigate the cause (see the comments section) ,

Here is the full text from Google cache

We recently spoke with Jiri Cincura of the Firebird database project.

InfoQ: Can you tell us briefly about yourself and your role in creating the ADO.NET provider for Firebird?

Jiri: Currently I’m project lead for the ADO.NET provider for Firebird project. And actually only one active right now. I’m doing majority of development (although there are some worth contributions) and all the stuff around, like testing, releases, issue tracker watching, replying in mailing list etc.

InfoQ: And for the benefit of our readers who are unfamiliar with it, who would you describe Firebird?

What is new in .NET provider (trace support, cancellation and more) talk on Firebird Conference 2011

If you’re using Firebird from .NET you should visit my talk on Firebird Conference 2011. This year it’s in Luxembourg at November 25-26.

There’s no schedule yet (in time of writing), but I can tell you, that my talk will be on Friday, for sure. Topics covered are obvious. Everything worth mentioning from last year or so in .NET provider development and also some future plans. Feel free to come and ask whatever .NET provider related (or Firebird) you want.

P.S. Would you be interested in picking up some Twitter questions during the talk?

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