Pure Python Firebird Library

On Firebird Python mailing list there is an interesting thread about rewriting Firebird Python Driver

Here is Pavel response

Firebird (server) is back in business with Entity Framework

Via Jiri’s Blog

As you (maybe) know, there was a bug in left outer join so the model generation/update etc. in Entity Framework and similar tools was failing. The bug is now gone. Well, it’s not in some oficial release, but it’s in sources. If you want to test it, grab sources and build or grab this build (only SuperServer executable). Also take into accout, that it’s build from current sources and can be very unstable.

Progress on the Entity Framework Provider for Firebird

Today, after some days/weeks, I finally created some noticable (= not only internals) progress with Entity Framework provider for Firebird.

Now, the provider is able to use, map, call, … stored procedures (and functions [very experimental]). You can select stored procedures from database, map these to some operations in EF, create “function imports” etc. You can see this working on picture:

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