Running program from trigger, SP

This article was originally created for Databazovy Svet (in Czech) and covers a little bit more about this topic. This shortened version is focused only on solutions for Firebird, without any other stuff.

mojoPortal Released

I’m very excited to announce the release of mojoPortal

Its available now on the download page.

The main focus of this release is making mojoPortal more attractive, with the addition of 21 good looking new skins for a total of 34 skins now included with mojoPortal. There were also a few minor bug fixes for things reported in the Forums since the last release.

Lucky situation

I’m in the extremely lucky situation that I’ve just started a brand new project, in which I can choose technology. A part of the project is to replace an old Web Project written in Delphi 5 ! and a larger part is going to be new. The main bulk of the project is going to as a web application run on portable barcode readers in a production enviroment. Speed is important.

NHibernate 2.0 Alpha is out!

Ayende writes:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that NHiberante 2.0 Alpha 1 was released last night and can be downloaded from this location.

We call this alpha, but many of us are using this in production, so we are really certain in its stability. The reason that this is an alpha is that we have made a lot of changes in the last nine months (since the last release), and we want to get more real world experience before we ship this. Recent estimates are of about 100,000 lines of code has changed since the last release.

Firebird .NET provider and calling sp with parameters

Firebird .NET provider has ability to create parameterized queries. Both named and unnamed parameters are supported. Everything works as you expect with select, insert, delete or update commands. The tricky part comes with stored procedures. Unlike MS SQL, that has direct support for named parameters, in provider, we’re parsing parameter names and we’re sending it to server “in right order”, so developer doesn’t need to know, that internally parameters were send unnamed.

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