Jaybird 4.0.7 released

Jaybird 4.0.7 has been released

The following has been changed or fixed since Jaybird 4.0.6:

  • Improvement: (VAR)CHAR is now sent to the server with blr_varying2 or blr_text2 which includes the character set information (jaybird#692)
  • Changed: Usages of String.toUpperCase and String.toLowerCase now use Locale.ROOT to prevent locale-sensitivity issues (jaybird#697)
  • New feature: Support for NBackup “clean history” option (jaybird#706)
    The org.firebirdsql.management.NBackupManager interface has three new methods: setCleanHistory(boolean) to enable (or disable) cleaning of history during backup, and setKeepDays(int) and setKeepRows(int) to specify the number of days or rows to keep history. These options require Firebird 4.0.3 or higher.
    This feature was backported from Jaybird 5.
  • Fixed: Calling PreparedStatement.setClob or PreparedStatement.setBlob with a null Clob, Reader, Blob, or InputStream would result in a NullPointerException (jaybird#712)
    As part of this change the behaviour of setClob methods accepting a Reader was changed to be identical to setCharacterStream, and setBlob accepting an InputStream to setBinaryStream. The end result before and after this change is identical, but it can result in different memory and performance characteristics, as the stream is now consumed on execute, and not on set.

Jaybird 4 supports Firebird 2.5 and higher, on Java 7, 8, 11, 17 and 19 (support for Java 17 and using the Java 11 version of the driver).

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Fixed IB DataPump

Probably almost everyone who have worked with Firebird and Interbase know this nice utility called IB DataPump, from CleverComponents (CC). It is a Windows GUI tool that allows data to be pumped from IB/FB or different RDBMSs to Firebird/Interbase databases.

Unfortunately, the (original old) tool had a problem that avoided pumping to Firebird 3 databases (you got a “list index out of bounds” error). CC seems to have fixed that problem but one of the most useful features is was still broken: the automatic reorder of the tables to avoid broken dependencies based on the existing Foreign Keys!

The good news is that CC open sourced this tool a while ago, and Vlad Khorsun (our fellow Firebird’s Core Developer) was able to fix that problem!

Now you can download the fixed version here.

Thanks, Vlad, for the time spent fixing this problem, and please enjoy my small donation for your work 🙂

Update 03-Nov: Vlad has now published his changes.

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