Dozens of new options for Firebird and .NET Framework


If you have ever worked with Firebird or Interbase using the standard .NET provider for OLE DB (System.Data.OleDb), you will have likely encountered issues like this:

  • The necessity to add ALL parameters manually.
  • Even though the OLE DB provider supports parameter generation for commands, the .NET provider doesn’t use it, so you as the programmer must do that work on your own.
  • The lack of support for named parameters. Although they actually exist, using them in reality requires a whole set of complex manipulations (the steps needed to add a parameter to a collection, etc.).
  • The impossibility of using multiple DataReader objects at the same time (Multiple Active Result Sets).
  • No execution of SQL scripts which contain several SQL expressions per command.

This list of difficulties a .NET developer has to deal with is far from complete.

Now it’s all different in a fundamentally new ADO.NET Data Provider for OLE DB

IBProvider Team

Firebird driver

The Firebird 2.1 Language Reference Update is now online

The Firebird 2.1 Language Reference Update is now online at

The PDF failed to build with tons of errors. I’ve got no time
to investigate the problem now; leaving for France tomorrow
morning. If somebody else wants to have a shot at it, please
do. The CVS sources are up-to-date.

Progress on kinterbasdb 3.3 – xmas present

The initial version of kinterbasdb v3.3 was committed to subversion
. It’s basically v3.3 by David Rushby + fixes to v3.2 line we
made to make it work with FB 2.1. Source tarball and windows binaries
for fb 2.x & python 2.5/2.6 for testing should be available soon. Now
I’m working on documentation as this version introduces some important
new functionality (above all support for multiple transactions per
connection). I’ll also check the transliteration issue. If everything
would go smoothly, you can expect the final release before Christmas 😉

best regards
Pavel Cisar

Pure Python Firebird Library

On Firebird Python mailing list there is an interesting thread about rewriting Firebird Python Driver

Here is Pavel response

IBProvider Release Candidate 3 is available

  1. Support of the integrated Windows authentification (SSPI) for
    Firebird 2.1.
  2. Support of the system auth using environment variables: ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD.
  3. Feature of enable/disable database triggers for separate connection is available.
  4. Support of long names and BOOLEAN type in Interbase 7.x and Interbase 2007 was added.
  5. Support of arrays was improved. Access to arrays via IBProvider now becomes more robust in comparison with other Firebird database access components.

Read details on the IBProvider site.

Firebird and Suse

Since I helped Mandriva to do their packages for Firebird, I jumped and with Michal, we made things happen
Users of Opensuse 10.0,10.1,10.3 and future 11.0 but also SLE 10 can now just use the server:database repository  and get Firebird 2.0.4
As soon as the Firebird Project will publish Firebird 2.1.1, packages will be there too.

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