New snapshot of Jaybird 2.2.4 with support for: Firebird 3.0 Boolean and Java 8

Mark Rottevee announced new snapshot of Jaybird driver :
I have just uploaded a new snapshot version for Jaybird 2.2.4 to
sourceforge and the sonatype snapshots repository for Maven.

Most notable changes are support for the Firebird 3.0 alpha 1 BOOLEAN
type and support for Java 8. For other changes see

This snapshot is intended only for testing purposes and has not been
tested with the native or embedded subprotocols.

Download area (Java 5, 6, 7 and 8):

Maven snapshot repository:

groupId: org.firebirdsql.jdbc
artifactId: jaybird-jdk1x (where x = 5, 6, 7 or 8)
version: 2.2.4-SNAPSHOT

If you have any problems, let me know in the Firebird-Java list. Bugs
can be reported in the tracker

Dozens of new options for Firebird and .NET Framework


If you have ever worked with Firebird or Interbase using the standard .NET provider for OLE DB (System.Data.OleDb), you will have likely encountered issues like this:

  • The necessity to add ALL parameters manually.
  • Even though the OLE DB provider supports parameter generation for commands, the .NET provider doesn’t use it, so you as the programmer must do that work on your own.
  • The lack of support for named parameters. Although they actually exist, using them in reality requires a whole set of complex manipulations (the steps needed to add a parameter to a collection, etc.).
  • The impossibility of using multiple DataReader objects at the same time (Multiple Active Result Sets).
  • No execution of SQL scripts which contain several SQL expressions per command.

This list of difficulties a .NET developer has to deal with is far from complete.

Now it’s all different in a fundamentally new ADO.NET Data Provider for OLE DB

IBProvider Team

Firebird driver

Are your data access components ready for Firebird 3?

Firebird 3 driver for OLE DB

We are continuing to actively add new functionality of Firebird 3 DBMS to IBProvider.

Let us remind you that already 2 months ago we added support of BOOLEAN data type from Firebird 3. In the new version of IBProvider Professional, we added support of PACKAGE instruction.

Now you can put in order a bulk of database procedures and functions and group them by sense into individual modules (PACKAGE). This arrangement will substantially simplify understanding and maintenance of SQL code.

Ream more about Firebird 3 access improvements.

Testing identity columns in Firebird 3.0

Someone on support list asked about identity column in Firebird and how it can be managed easier and i remembered that identity is already supported firebird 3.0 so i fired up flamerobin and created a table with new identity column type similar to MSSQL “identity”, MySQL “auto_increment” or PostgreSQL “serial”
All worked as in documentation 🙂 inserting and selecting from the table no generators/triggers were needed to be created by hand

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