Firebird 3.0 #Debian Preliminary packaging is available in #Experimental

This package is meant to enter experimental, due to the high pace of upstream
development. Its goal is to provide easy testing of the new features of
Firebird and to have early exposure of the packaging helping to discover any

firebird3.0 is the third group of packages for Firebird. Squeeze is going to
release with firebird2.1 and firebird2.5. The plan for wheezy is to drop
firebird2.1 and add firebird3.0, if that has proven stable by the time wheezy
approaches releasable state.

Preliminary packagiing is available at;a=summary

FB/Java plugin Milestone 1 (Firebird External engine )

I’m pleased to announce availability of the first test version of
FB/Java plugin.

FB/Java is a plugin for FB external engines feature, to be presented in
v3.0, that allows execution of Java code at the server side. The plugin
allows classes/resources in the file system or stored in the database.
File system classes/resources are global and the code run with all
permissions. Database classes/resources are per-database and code runs
accordingly with per-engine configured security policy.

Also it seems that is quite fast from Adriano’s tweets

Red Database 2.1 released – merge ideas

Hello, Dear Firebird Team Members!

After almost two years in development, four betas and four release
candidates, Red Database 2.1 is finally released.

Information about the release is present here:

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