Final release of «Native OLE DB Provider for Firebird v4»

Hello Everyone!

We are very pleased to announce the release of final IBProvider v5.32 with support for Firebird v4.

Some of our users have already appreciated our work and started using IBProvider with FB4, including as a linked MSSQL server.

We are grateful to everyone who helped us.

Special thanks to Marek D., who initiated this process.

General overview of FB4 support in IBProvider

  • The direct connection and connection through fbclient.dll are supported
  • The 63-symbols object names are supported
  • Provider supports the following new datatypes (including arrays):
    • INT128
    • NUMERIC on INT128 base
    • DECFLOAT(16)
    • DECFLOAT(34)
  • Provider supports two mode for processing time zones:
    • Through own algorithms
    • Through external library (ICU)
  • The support of the following queries was implemented:
    • SET BIND
  • Provider executes ALTER SESSION RESET before reusing of the connection. Example
  • The new connection initialization properties were added.

In addition to the above, we have significantly improved the existing functionality.

Therefore, it makes sense to upgrade even if you are not yet planning to move to FB4 or are working with InterBase.

With Best Regards, IBProvider Team.

Release of IBProvider v5.31

Hello Everyone!

We have completed the third step in the process of implementing FB4 support in our OLE DB provider.

This release adds support for TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE, improves support for INT128 and improves support for NUMERIC data types.

Please review the changes carefully.

At the end of the news we have prepared a special offer for you.

Kind Regards, IBProvider Team.

Firebird External Table Generator (ext-table-gen) 1.0 released

I am happy to announce the release of “Firebird External Table Generator” (ext-table-gen for short).

“Firebird External Table Generator” is a commandline tool to transform RFC 4180 CSV files to Firebird external table files (a binary format for external table data).

External tables are a good way for bulk-loading data into Firebird. Unfortunately, external tables use a fixed-width binary format, and not (more) standard formats like CSV. It is not always easy to create an appropriate external table file, and this is where ext-table-gen can be used.

At a high level, ext-table-gen provides the following features:

  • Derive a CHAR-based external table definition (i.e. a CREATE TABLE statement and a configuration for ext-table-gen) from a CSV file
  • Transform a CSV file to an external table file (either based on the CSV file itself, or based on a configuration file)

The current version only supports CHAR columns, which makes the generated file essentially a fixed-width text format. Future versions may introduce support for additional column types.

You can find the 1.0 release at ext-table-gen v1.0.

Documentation and release notes can be found on

The project itself is hosted on

IBProvider v5.30. DECFLOAT and improved connection pool [FB4]

Hello Everyone.

In the current release, we have continued expanding the support of Firebird v4.

New features

  • The full support of DECFLOAT(16) and DECFLOAT(34) has been implemented
  • The new version of IBProvider supports the ICU v63 from FB4 kit
  • Using «ALTER SESSION RESET» for resetting a connection before reusing (see this new example)

Kind Regards and Good Luck! IBProvider Team.

IBProvider v5.29. The initial support of FB4

Hello All 🙂

The implementation of FB4 support requires time. That is why we decided to split this process into parts and make intermediate releases. It will allow you to begin using IBProvider with FB4 right now.

The current support of FB4

  • You can work with FB4 through fbclient.dll
  • You can work with FB4 through a built-in client ( The 13th protocol will be used
  • The long name of database objects are supported
  • All the FB4 datatypes (including new datatypes: INT128, DECFLOAT, time/date with a time zone) are supported at the metadata layer
  • The full support of INT128 and NUMERIC on base INT128 was implemented
  • New initialization properties were added — int128_rulesnumeric_i16_rules

Lots of functional and load tests were made with using FB v4.0.3.2937.

For mission-critical, multi-threaded and 24/7 applications, we highly recommend using the built-in client.

IBProvider Free does not support FB4.

Additional changes

  • The support of DBTYPE_TIMESTAMPOFFSET was added
  • The transformation between {DBTIME, DBTIME2} and {DATE, DBDATE, DBTIMESTAMP, FILETIME} was deleted
  • The transformation of NUMERIC into VARIANT was improved
  • The procession of charset names was corrected

With best regards, IBProvider Team.

RedExpert 2023.01 has been release

You can join to the Telegram chat for discussion.

New version of RedExpert 2023.01 is available.


  1. Recompilation all triggers, procedures, functions and packages
  2. Association of *.fdb files with RedExpert
  3. Recalculation of index selectivity
  4. Support for external triggers
  5. SQL SECURITY support for procedures, functions and triggers
  6. “Switch data display” button and key combination [ALT + NUM_ADD] in data tab
  7. Exit confirmation dialog
  8. Specifies explicitly how a table field is sorted (COLLATE) when creating a table
  9. “DDL to create” tab in “Edit constraint” panel
  10. Ability to view password during user creation and authorization at
  11. Ability to replace “\n” with another symbol when exporting to file with separators
  12. Ability to work with functions and packages in privilege manager
  13. Support for triggers on views


  1. Trace recognition
  2. Parsing SQL script with queries that have complex nested constructions
  3. Incorrect default value generation for procedures and functions
  4. Impossibility to create a new connection through the menu in the Russian localization
  5. Generating of primary keys when creating a table, if their names must be escaped
  6. Quotation mark when exporting into CSV
  7. Error when interacting with table constraints that have invalid default names
  8. Error when generating SQL script for adding table constraints when only one constraint was inserted into script instead of multiple ones
  9. Red Expert hangs after a data access error in the “Data” tab of the “Table” menu.
  10. Adding comments to database elements like “User” or “Domain” while editing them
  11. Generating SQL script when adding a new column to a table
  12. Export to a spreadsheet. Now export to Excel 2007 is possible
  13. Automatic generation of table name on creation
  14. Updating auto-complete cache after metadata changes
  15. Incorrect displaying of procedure parameter sizes
  16. Script execution error output if there is no connection
  17. Executing non selective procedures in the query editor
  18. Wrong message about authentication error
  19. Invalid connection status in the toolbar
  20. Loading data in a table when moving the cursor to the last table row
  21. Updated keyword list for syntax highlighting
  22. Creating a database with default charset
  23. Flickering interface in privilege manager
  24. Invalid representation of “DATE” type when exporting to SQL
  25. Undo/redo (Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y) in the query editor
  26. Nonoptimal space usage by result set in query editor
  27. Application hangs when opening objects

Download and install the new version.

Upscene releases new version of test data generator

Upscene Productions is happy to announce the next version of their test data generator tool:

“Advanced Data Generator 4.1.0”

A fast test-data generator tool that comes with a library of real-life data, can generate data to your database,
script or data files, many filling options, templates and much more.

Stored routine debugger Hopper, v2.2 released

Upscene Productions is proud to announce version 2.2.0 of “Hopper”, a stored routine debugger for InterBase, Firebird or MySQL.

This release brings support for Firebird 4 data types and MariaDB 10.3 and up PSQL features.

For more information, check the Hopper page at our website.

About Hopper
Hopper is a stored routine debugging tool for MySQL, Firebird and InterBase. If you use
stored procedures on these database systems, Hopper will be a great tool for debugging
these routines.

About Upscene Productions
Based in The Netherlands, Europe, this small but dedicated company has been providing
database developers with useful tools for over 20 years. Slowly expanding the product portfolio
and gaining recognition amongst InterBase and Firebird database developers, they now offer
tools for a whole range of database systems, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

RedExpert 2022.09 has been released

New version of RedExpert 2022.09 is available.


  1. Ability to save columns order and width in trace manager
  2. Field with performance counters in Trace Manager
  3. Export tables of Trace Manager
  4. Import data from a text file with separator
  5. Export data to SQL script
  6. Ability to change activity for several triggers and indexes in the object tree
  7. External tables support
  8. Support for external procedures and functions
  9. Support for comments on tables, procedures, functions and views
  10. English version of the release notes


  1. Quoting of table names when generating INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE queries
  2. Slow loading of tables
  3. Incorrect recognition of default value for procedure parameters if ‘=’ is used
  4. Table column comment formatting in DDL query
  5. Rollback transaction on closing request dialog
  6. Error in generating date and time values in the test data generator
  7. Wrong message about successful creation of external procedures and functions in request editor
  8. Incorrect generation of “create generator” query
  9. Errors of trace parsing
  10. Autocomplete columns to alias escaped table

Download and install the new version.

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