RedExpert 2023.01 has been release

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New version of RedExpert 2023.01 is available.


  1. Recompilation all triggers, procedures, functions and packages
  2. Association of *.fdb files with RedExpert
  3. Recalculation of index selectivity
  4. Support for external triggers
  5. SQL SECURITY support for procedures, functions and triggers
  6. “Switch data display” button and key combination [ALT + NUM_ADD] in data tab
  7. Exit confirmation dialog
  8. Specifies explicitly how a table field is sorted (COLLATE) when creating a table
  9. “DDL to create” tab in “Edit constraint” panel
  10. Ability to view password during user creation and authorization at
  11. Ability to replace “\n” with another symbol when exporting to file with separators
  12. Ability to work with functions and packages in privilege manager
  13. Support for triggers on views


  1. Trace recognition
  2. Parsing SQL script with queries that have complex nested constructions
  3. Incorrect default value generation for procedures and functions
  4. Impossibility to create a new connection through the menu in the Russian localization
  5. Generating of primary keys when creating a table, if their names must be escaped
  6. Quotation mark when exporting into CSV
  7. Error when interacting with table constraints that have invalid default names
  8. Error when generating SQL script for adding table constraints when only one constraint was inserted into script instead of multiple ones
  9. Red Expert hangs after a data access error in the “Data” tab of the “Table” menu.
  10. Adding comments to database elements like “User” or “Domain” while editing them
  11. Generating SQL script when adding a new column to a table
  12. Export to a spreadsheet. Now export to Excel 2007 is possible
  13. Automatic generation of table name on creation
  14. Updating auto-complete cache after metadata changes
  15. Incorrect displaying of procedure parameter sizes
  16. Script execution error output if there is no connection
  17. Executing non selective procedures in the query editor
  18. Wrong message about authentication error
  19. Invalid connection status in the toolbar
  20. Loading data in a table when moving the cursor to the last table row
  21. Updated keyword list for syntax highlighting
  22. Creating a database with default charset
  23. Flickering interface in privilege manager
  24. Invalid representation of “DATE” type when exporting to SQL
  25. Undo/redo (Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y) in the query editor
  26. Nonoptimal space usage by result set in query editor
  27. Application hangs when opening objects

Download and install the new version.

RedExpert 2022.09 has been released

New version of RedExpert 2022.09 is available.


  1. Ability to save columns order and width in trace manager
  2. Field with performance counters in Trace Manager
  3. Export tables of Trace Manager
  4. Import data from a text file with separator
  5. Export data to SQL script
  6. Ability to change activity for several triggers and indexes in the object tree
  7. External tables support
  8. Support for external procedures and functions
  9. Support for comments on tables, procedures, functions and views
  10. English version of the release notes


  1. Quoting of table names when generating INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE queries
  2. Slow loading of tables
  3. Incorrect recognition of default value for procedure parameters if ‘=’ is used
  4. Table column comment formatting in DDL query
  5. Rollback transaction on closing request dialog
  6. Error in generating date and time values in the test data generator
  7. Wrong message about successful creation of external procedures and functions in request editor
  8. Incorrect generation of “create generator” query
  9. Errors of trace parsing
  10. Autocomplete columns to alias escaped table

Download and install the new version.

RedDatabase 3.0.9 release

New version of RedDatabase 3.0.9 has been released.

The most significant changes are:


  • A “verbose” option has been added to the replication configuration to log detailed information about asynchronous replication operation. RS-70819.
  • LDAP error diagnostics have been improved.
  • The stability of gfix is improved. RS-71591.


  • DefaultDbCachePages default value increased to 1024 for Classic/SuperClassic and to 32768 for Super RS-69307
  • Now you do not have to specify option -B O[VERWRITE] in gbak when backing up to FIFO RS-43334
  • Temporary tables file is now deleted immediately after closing connections which used temporary tables RS-67781
  • Maximum length of ISQL error text increased to 8192 characters. RS-71232.
  • Default length of context variables is increased to 8192 characters. RS-71426.


  • Ability to connect to ActiveDirectory with an “as is” user name (bind method) without using a service account (LDAPUserDn). RS-71303.
  • New LDAPDomain parameter in firebird.conf that allows setting the domain for user authentication in ActiveDirectory and the base for user lookups. RS-71303.
  • GSTAT outputs the transaction difference, which determines whether garbage collection is needed RS-56624
  • “rotate_log” parameter in trace to rotate log when it reaches “max_log_size” RS-66090
  • Support for locking users in Legacy Authentication RS-67826 Note: security database update from previous versions 3.0 with security_database_3.0.9.sql script
  • Ability to change COLLATE for “ALTER TABLE <table> ALTER <column> COLLATE <collate>” field RS-67405
  • Different connections can now use different temporary table files to reduce their sprawl (SeparateTempTableFiles parameter in firebird.conf) RS-67781

FBJava has been updated to 1.1.18:

  • ASM library required for indexing files stored in BLOBs has been added to the distribution. RS-82611.
  • Jaybird driver updated to version 3.0.31. RS-74811.
  • Unused jna-platform-4.5.0.jar and xml-apis-1.0.b2.jar libraries were removed from the distribution. RS-74811.
  • Fixed passing an exception to the client when initializing the JVM
  • Debug symbols for FBJava have been added to the distribution. RS-71111.
  • Blank lines are not printed to stdout and stderr when it’s disabled by “disable_output” option RS-66433
  • The existence of configuration file is checked before reading options RS-67445
  • Remove libraries not used by plugin RS-68297

See full list of changes on the download pages:

Open edition: RedDatabase 3.0.9

Standard edition: RedDatabase 3.0.9

Enterprise edition: RedDatabase 3.0.9

New version of RedExpert 2022.05 is available


  1. Support for Firebird/RedDatabase 4 type
  2. Tablespaces support
  3. Explained plan support for Firebird/RedDatabase 3.0 and higher
  4. Table related triggers tab and navigation
  5. Editing objects in the database browser
  6. Execution of procedures and functions when viewing and editing them
  7. Ability to place the editor vertically or horizontally
  8. Search by text in any SQL-field


  1. Calculating trigger type using bitwise operations
  2. Reloading of system objects after creating a table via GUI
  3. Continue data generation when data mismatch error occurs
  4. Generating SQL for a procedure without parameters
  5. Reloading the object tree during CREATE OR ALTER and RECREATE operations
  6. Autocomplete freeze
  7. Commenting/uncommenting using “CTRL + /”
  8. Generate name for new connection
  9. Display in the center of the primary monitor when there are two monitors in Linux systems
  10. Show connection page without scrollbar
  11. Generate INSERT queries for DEFAULT fields

Download and install the new version

New version of RedExpert 2022.02 is available


  1. Edit object button
  2. Password request dialog if password is empty
  3. Ability to work with cursors in a procedure
  4. Downloading updates in the background


  1. Request for saving data when closing a dialog box
  2. Displaying tables on Firebird with version less than 2.5
  3. Generating a function creation request with EXTERNAL NAME
  4. Inability to set the order of the index fields
  5. Incorrect display of dependencies
  6. Wrong generated column edit query when using a domain
  7. Syntax highlighting in views
  8. Recognition of object names in queries if they are at the beginning of a string
  9. Error adding a record with IDENTITY field
  10. Autocomplete errors in queries with aliases
  11. Tab-indexing order on connection page
  12. Wrong error “TABLE is in use” on attempt to remove table
  13. Error opening browser in Linux
  14. Index is active by default when created
  15. Modified the update dialogs
  16. High CPU load after connect
  17. DDL command generation error due to case-sensitive identifiers
  18. Connecting to a database immediately after it is created
  19. Commit transactions after they have been used
  20. Re-executing an SQL script without mandatory commit/rollback after a previous run
  21. Option to set null for string parameters in the parameter dialogue

Download and install the new version.


New version of RedExpert 2021.10 is available


  1. Autocomplete in query editor (not all tables were displayed in the list)
  2. Syntax highlighting
  3. Wrong table name after editing the trigger
  4. Hiding system packages for version prior to 3
  5. Connection cancellation
  6. Displaying an error while fetching ResultSet
  7. Parsing errors in the trace manager
  8. Slow work of the grant manager
  9. Inability to undo domain selection
  10. Inability to add a column to a table if cursor is outside the fields area (while table creating).
  11. Reloading objects in the tree after changing
  12. Jump to an object from the dependency tree
  13. Formatting of generated SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE queries


  1. A name of constrained is generated immediately when the form is opened


  1. Display foreign key data while editing a table
  2. Context menu in “Set NULL” table
  3. A tab with object privileges
  4. System generators in the object tree
  5. Updating objects when they are changed in the query editor
  6. An update button for system tables

Download and install the new version.

New version of red expert 2021.07 has been released

New version of RedExpert 2021.07 is available.


  1. Data type selection is implemented as a drop-down list
  2. While deleting the records marked for deletion are highlighted immediately
  3. Fixed the message about unsuccessful DDL operations
  4. Now it’s allowed to display unreadable characters in text blobs
  5. Fixed editing of the function
  6. Fixed SSH tunnel connection
  7. Stopped using template when creating tables
  8. Fixed column editing (when clicking on a column a new one was created)
  9. Fixed errors on the SQL tab of a domain
  10. Non-empty nodes in the tab with dependencies are highlighted in bold
  11. Fixed parsing variables in procedures (invalid parsing generated an incorrect SQL request for procedure creation)
  12. Packages not created by users were moved to the system packages branch
  13. Fixed connection to RedDatabase and Firebird versions 4+


  1. Now the database information is displayed by clicking the appropriate context menu item (not by selecting a database in the list)
  2. Significantly reduced time of loading scripts by reworking the syntax highlighting using ANTLR
  3. Autocompletion added to all textbars that use SQL
  4. Jump to database objects added to all text panels that use SQL
  5. Added “Users” node to the objects tree
  6. Added Jaybird4 driver

Download and install the new version.

New version of RedExpert 2020.10 has been released

New version of RedExpert 2020.10 has been released.


  • A value of a variable is not lost when editing a procedure.
  • Object names are quoted only when necessary.
  • Removed redundancy in variable declarations.
  • Generation of a random date (There was an error that the minimum is greater than the maximum).
  • Comments to variables are not lost when editing a procedure.
  • Roles which were not created by a user have been moved under the system roles branch.
  • Few first characters in the cell are displayed instead of ‘CLOB DATA’.
  • Removed the unreasonable occurrence of the error about the loss of connection with the server.
  • Fixed generation of table DDL statement.
  • Fixed generation of procedure DDL statement.
  • Fixed generation of trigger DDL statement.
  • Fixed display of table constraints.
  • Fixed display of release notes in the application.


  • Added the ability to use autoddl when executing a script.
  • Added the ability to manage update rule and delete rule for foreign keys.
  • Added the ability to use autocomplete without hotkeys.
  • Added the ability to delete user settings when uninstalling the application.
  • Added the ability to work with collates of character sets in datatypes.

Download and install the new version.

New version of RedExpert 2020.08 has been released

New version of RedExpert 2020.08 has been released.

The main changes:

  • the launch of the program and the search for Java have been completely redesigned. Now if Java is not found, it is suggested to specify the path manually or download Java automatically;
  • fixed display of system objects (generators, domains and functions that are not defined by the user are not displayed in the main nodes);
  • fixed execution of the script containing “execute block”;
  • fixed editing procedure with declare variables block;
  • removed the type of object while copying the name;
  • fixed display of tables if “RDB $ RELATION_TYPE IS NULL”;
  • fixed bugs with autoincrement while creating and editing tables;
  • other minor fixes.

Download and install the new version.

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