Kevora IDE for Firebird

New QT based IDE for Firebird Kevora

Recently, Kevora also supports Firebird or Interbase access. Despite this database does not have schemas, Kevora will place all objects below a “virtual” rdb$relations schema.

The tools we use to produce Kevora are:

    * Qt Creator or QDevelop.
    * Qt Designer.
    * Qt Linguist.
    * GCC compiler and g++ (on Linux).
    * MinGW (on Windows).
    * InstallJammer or BitRock InstallBuilder for Qt.

People Around Firebird – Daniel Albuschat

Today i have discovered this little gem on github , It’s an Asynchronous database-access for Qt and Firebird

So in this post i open an series of interviews or introductions with people around firebird

QT framework v4.5 to be released under LGPL

Thomas wrote this on the firebird-general mailing list

pretty off-topic here, but IMHO even interesting for Firebird users,
because Firebird/InterBase can be accessed via the QT framework.

Formerly licensed under GPL and a commercial license for closed source
development, releasing QT under LGPL is a very “interesting” move from

Especially for QT-based embedded devices, Firebird might be an
interesting option for an embeddable database, if:

* there is a stable Firebird specific (not the current InterBase one,
even if it might work now) QT SQL driver/module implementation available
* Firebird is cross-compilable for ARM, … (something which has been
discussed on firebird-devel from time to time. AFAIK, there is a private
ARM port of Firebird somewhere)

Ah well, just letting you know … 😉

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