QT framework v4.5 to be released under LGPL

Thomas wrote this on the firebird-general mailing list

pretty off-topic here, but IMHO even interesting for Firebird users,
because Firebird/InterBase can be accessed via the QT framework.

Formerly licensed under GPL and a commercial license for closed source
development, releasing QT under LGPL is a very “interesting” move from

Especially for QT-based embedded devices, Firebird might be an
interesting option for an embeddable database, if:

* there is a stable Firebird specific (not the current InterBase one,
even if it might work now) QT SQL driver/module implementation available
* Firebird is cross-compilable for ARM, … (something which has been
discussed on firebird-devel from time to time. AFAIK, there is a private
ARM port of Firebird somewhere)

Ah well, just letting you know … 😉

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