Migration Guide to FB 4

Note: if you are moving to Firebird 3, check the Migration Guide to Firebird 3 page.

The Migration Guide to Firebird 4 is dedicated to any Firebird user planning to move from an old Firebird version to Firebird 4. Specially for those still using versions 1.x/2.x, moving to Firebird 4 requires a lot of attention. Along with all the changes introduced by Firebird 3, version 4 introduces changes that must be very well understood before migrating any database or application, avoiding unexpected behavior and further headaches. This also apply for those who already migrated to Firebird 3.

Part of this Guide leverages content (revised/updated) from the previous Guide, but it adds lots of new information (it has 206 pages). The author wanted to go further and address topics that are essential to the correct understanding of some of the changes, such as Versioning and numeric datatypes. Getting familiar with those concepts is a must to correctly understand the changes introduced by Read Commited Read Consistency isolation and decfloat. Time zones and replication are also covered in the Guide.

Moving to Firebird 5?

Although this guide was written with Firebird 4 in mind, the process of migrating to Firebird 5 is almost identical, so all the steps and considerations written in this Guide can be also applied when moving to Firebird 5, especially if you are moving from versions older than FB 4.

About the author

Carlos H. Cantu is the maintainer of the FirebirdNews site, FireBase (biggest portal dedicated to Firebird in Portuguese language, with + 65,000 registered users) and author of three Firebird books (Firebird EssencialFirebird 2, both available only in Brazil, and Migration Guide to Firebird 3, available in Portuguese and English). He also organizes the biggest Firebird Conference in the world (Firebird Developers Day), with an average of 450 attendees each year, and currently in its 18th year.

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