Monitor Firebird SQL Database 2.1+ using any operating system.
The monitor was developed in Java (Jaybird) and NetBeans IDE.

If interested in contributing, please feel free to request to be a collaborator on github page


Monitor connections;
Monitor transactions;
Monitor slow SQL statements;
Cancel connections;
Cancel SQL statements;
Manage registration databases;
Manage recorded logs.

A big thanks to Hajime Nakagami for his pull request for the Firebird 3 wire protocol (version 13) for Jaybird.

Firebird reached 14th place on DB-Engines Ranking of Relational DBMS for July.

Or 4th place among relational open-source RDBMS. (Dimitry Yemanov noticed )

ps:Previous place was 15th.



Today is the last day to subscribe online to the 12th edition of the Firebird Developers Day, which will happen in Piracicaba-SP, Brazil, in 08-August.

From the Bug Tracker via Paul Beach’s Blog:

Vlad Khorsun commented on CORE-1999:

gbak now has a new command-line switch

-ST(ATISTICS) TDRW show statistics:
T time from start
D delta time
R page reads
W page writes

Article By Helen Borrie :
One of the PSQL treasures coming with Firebird 3 is the ability to write scalar functions in procedural SQL.

Here are the instructions to configure systemd for Firebird 2.5.4 Classic

tarball distribution package from

Jaybird 2.2.9-SNAPSHOT, a pre-release version for testing purposes, contains an experimental new feature: use isc_tpb_autocommit in auto commit mode (JDBC-399).


More info:

JRuby is Released.

ActiveRecord Firebird adapter for JDBC and JRuby should work without issues.

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