The Backend Ring – 2024/Q1 (Adriano Fernandes)

The Backend Ring is a challenge whose main objective is to share knowledge in the form of a challenge! This is the second edition.

Adriano Santos Fernandes, one of the Firebird Core Developers, published an article about his participation in the 2024/Q1 Backend Ring edition, where he submitted solutions using Firebird, PostgreSQLand LMDB. Here is an excerpt from the article translated to English:

“Today, March 10, 2024, is the deadline for project submissions for the Backend Ring – 2024/Q1, which is the second edition of the Backend Ring. In summary, it was necessary to deliver a project that simulates a banking service with a statement and creation of transactions concurrently, where accounts can never go negative below each customer’s limit. In addition, it was necessary to run in docker, with a load balancer distributing the load to at least two API services, and all services together could use a maximum of 1.5 CPU units and 550MB of memory.

I did not participate in the first edition in 2023 because I only found out after it ended.

After this first edition of the Backend Ring, there was a Compilers Ring (and interpreters) where I was able to participate and my project ranked 9th.”

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