Free “Migration Guide to FB 3” for Ukrainians

In support for the people of Ukraine, I’m offering free copies of my Migration Guide to Firebird 3 eBook. The offer is valid from 2 to 13, March.

If you are from Ukraine and want a copy of the eBook, e-mail me (livro [at] with your full name and your .ua e-mail. Only emails from Ukraine (.ua) will be accepted (no fake/temporary emails, please).

I really hope this war end as soon as possible to avoid more deaths and destruction! Please take care and try to stay safe!

New FireBase responsive site

This is only for Portuguese speakers:

O novo site da FireBase entrou no ar essa semana! Totalmente responsivo, com visual moderno e novo logotipo, oferece uma experiência muito melhor para os visitantes usando celulares ou tablets.

Aproveitamos a oportunidade para passar um pente fino nos downloads, removendo os links inválidos.

Acessem o nov site e confiram, e caso ainda não esteja cadastrado, faça seu cadastro e marque a opção para receber nosso newsletter bimestral.

Carlos H. Cantu

Released: Migration Guide to Firebird 4 (English version)

Migration Guide to Firebird 4

The English version of the Migration Guide to Firebird 4 eBook is now available to everyone who wants to save time and have a smoother migration from an older Firebird version to Firebird 4.

The Guide has 206 pages, and cover several topics including features introduced in Firebird 4, like Time zones, Read Committed Read Consistency isolation, Replication, Decfloat, etc. The eBook is now available in PDF format. A printed version will be made available in Amazon in the near future.

Initially available only in Portuguese, it is the result of a successfull crowdfunding campaign in Brazil, with the participation of +300 people.

Migration Guide to FB 4, in English?

I’m happy to announce that the English version of my newest book, Migration Guide to Firebird 4, will be released in the upcoming weeks. The eBook is already being proofread!

As it already happens with the Migration Guide to FB 3, people will be able to buy the eBook here at and the paper version at Amazon.

Stay tuned to FirebirdNews to be informed when the book is out.

Migration Guide to Firebird 4

I’m proud to announce that my new eBook, Migration Guide to Firebird 4, will be released in 23, August. The eBook has 219 pages, and it is written in Portuguese. I’m still not sure if I’ll make an English version this time… mostly depends on the number of requests that I may receive (feel free to use the comments in this post).

Once again, this is a “solo” project, as I’m the author, editor and publisher. This work was made possible thanks to the 300+ people who contributed in the Brazilian crowdfunding campaign: Thank you all!

The Guide is devoted to developers using any version of Firebird who wants to move to Firebird 4 in the most straight and peaceful way. It probably can save hours of work!

The eBook will start selling to the public starting at August, 30, in the FireBase on-line store.

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