SOCI -The C++ Database Access Library 3.2.2 released with Firebird fixes

From: Mateusz Loskot 
I'm very pleased to announce release of SOCI 3.2.2
which is mainly a bugfix release with some improvements and features too.

The source packages are available for download from

or directly from the Git repository in 3.2.2 tag:

By the way, all packages and tags are also available from
automatically generated releases at GitHub (new feature):

Documentation for the current 3.2 line is available at

Version 3.2.2 differs from 3.2.1 in the following ways:
- Firebird
-- Enable memory cleanup to avoid leaks after binding
-- Added missing C++ library headers
-- Added get_affected_rows() support for bulk operations
-- Fixed compilation with VS2008
-- Fixed building tests with the backend built as DLL.


SplendidCRM on FirebirdSQL demo page and Database structure

SplendidCRM (version C# of SugarCRM) is ported from MSSQL over to
FirebirdSQL 2.5.2

It is in a “testable” debug version on this url

username : user
password : user

This changes from the usual will/will 🙂

It is the “community” version and I would like to have your feedback on their added value in a CRM, before carrying over the enterprise modules.

Two precision/information points:
1) One is on a small DSL in Finland, so your GSM has more disponibility and bandwidth
2) the data structure is available for viewing here

Your comments are welcome 🙂

I will add one more comment from the Firebird porter :

Thanks to Firebird, the memory and processing space has been reduced with two thirds when migrated from MSSQL to FirebirdSQL.
Why don’t everybody switch over to Firebird? 🙂


Microsoft Access killer : LibreOffice Base + Firebird

There is a discussion on the libreoffice-dev about replacing the HSQLDB default database used in libre base with something better and faster than the java based solution:)

* SQLite vs. HSQLDB for base (Lionel)
+ SQLite very sloppy typing can cause serious problems cf.
+ no date/time datatype.
=> perhaps not a good idea to switch to sqlite longer term
+ without tons of special casing, get lots of
nasty bugs outside string, float
+ a new candidate with sane licensing, sane language,
and code size required – thinking ongoing.
+ our best shot might be firebird
+ MPL license variant
+ feature set looks good

Update : Firebird Driver and Embedded version merged and integreated into LibreOffice git master

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