Firebird embedded – Linux (update)

In this post I explained how to set up an embedded Firebird version for Linux.A few weeks ago I read a post from Olivier Mascia that explained a simpler way: instead of starting the program using a script that sets up a couple of environment variables, just callsetenv() to set those variables in the program.

There are many good articles in the archives about firebird and creating an accounting program with open source tools.

Firebird 2.5 compliation with Visual Studio C++ 2008 ( aka #VC9.0 ) on #Windows

I have wrote the steps in compiling php_interbase.dll with using the Firebird 2.5 binaries here but if you want to debug the Firebird client dll or the engine you should follow these steps (requires full Firebird 2.5.x compilation)

If you want to build only Firebird 2.5 with a free beer compiler i have created a video where i describe and show the steps that you need to follow

Building firebird extension for #php 5.3.x on windows

Short notes on how to compile Firebird extension (called interbase) on Windows 32 bit (the same ideas can be used for 64 bit too)
I have used Visual Studio c++ compiler 2008 (aka Vsc 9)
By default php developers on windows don’t have the firebird extension enabled in php 5.3.0 and the required dll (fbclient)
we try to fix that the vodoo spell is to kill one compile firebird stable with vsc9 and send them the instructions how to do the kill compiling but we have the recipe for that too and maybe we can kill compete with microsoft sql server on windows too if they let us

FirebirdClient and InterBase – Short Answer NO is not supported

Jiri is getting more and more support request from people who try to connect to Interbase ! with Firebird .net client.The short answer is that Firebird driver is for Firebird database only and we can’t support Interbase too

Wondering what changed on Earth in last, say, four weeks. I’m getting more than average (read: more than zero) emails, asking whether FirebirdClient works with InterBase. Similarly in mailing list.

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