About this site

This site was created due to the necessity of having a major point to concentrate Firebird RDBMS related news.

If you manage a Firebird community, develop a Firebird related product, or is envolved to Firebird in any way, you can become a registered author and post news and articles in this site. Just register yourself as a normal subscriber using the Register option in the META section on the sidebar, and send an email, explaining how do you plan to contribute with the site.

If you found something interesting about Firebird and would like to publish it, but don’t want to become an author, since this is likely to be an “one time post”, just email me what you have found, and I will publish it giving the credits to you.

The site success depends on you! If you find an online article, magazine article or anything mentioning Firebird, post the news here, so other people can benefit of this information.

If you are a Firebird tool developer, you are allowed to post announcements of new product releases here.

Oficial language is english.

Carlos H. Cantu

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