Improved Hibernate ORM Firebird dialect support

Mark Rotteveel created a Ticket and Pull Request for Hibernate ORM to improve Firebird dialect with fixes to a number of issues.

Improve Firebird dialect to fix a number of issues:

  • Typing of aggregates when using parameters
  • Add cast to AVG of integral type
  • Quote identifiers starting with an underscore
  • Correct inverted version check for Boolean support
  • Add or update various supports methods to return correct information
  • Render datetime literals without using JDBC escape
  • Fix rendering of literals with offset at offset 00:00
  • Fix rendering of create index statement
  • Fix rendering of CASE where all when clauses have a parameter to identify type of result
  • Add missing rendering of virtual columns to select list
  • Fix rendering of IN against a parameter

Updated a number of tests so they are either passing for Firebird, or ignored for Firebird.

InfoQ: Q&A with Jiri Cincura of the Firebird Database Project about the ADO.NET provider , ORM ,EF …

Jiri Cincura was recently interviewed for InfoQ article – Q&A with Jiri Cincura of the Firebird Database Project. We touched Firebird, ADO.NET, O/RMs, Entity Framework etc. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Update: The article seems to be retracted for the moment , Don’t panic we asked why and investigate the cause (see the comments section) ,

Here is the full text from Google cache

We recently spoke with Jiri Cincura of the Firebird database project.

InfoQ: Can you tell us briefly about yourself and your role in creating the ADO.NET provider for Firebird?

Jiri: Currently I’m project lead for the ADO.NET provider for Firebird project. And actually only one active right now. I’m doing majority of development (although there are some worth contributions) and all the stuff around, like testing, releases, issue tracker watching, replying in mailing list etc.

InfoQ: And for the benefit of our readers who are unfamiliar with it, who would you describe Firebird?

There is now support for the Firebird RDBMS in the most popular ORM for Perl

There is now support for the Firebird RDBMS in the most popular ORM for
Perl, DBIx::Class, as of version 0.08121 .

Using the ODBC driver with DBD::ODBC is recommended.

There is also support for DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader, which is used to
dump schema definitions, as of version 0.06000 .

This ORM is often used with the Catalyst web framework:

People Around Firebird – John W Higgins

I spotted his interesting projects or forks on github
ED:i saw that you forked fb ruby library could you tell me a few notes on how you use it in sequel orm i want to add an post on if you want so also an small intro would be nice

wishdev said :

I basically just wrote an adapter for Sequel which uses the Fb driver to work with Firebird. The fork was necessary mostly to fix an issue with using the RETURNING clause to get back sequence generated primary keys.

As for any intro with respect to myself – I’m the type that keeps his head down in the gopher hole for the most part. I didn’t do a huge amount of work because the Sequel ORM is so well written it was easy to build a Firebird driver.

If you need/want any more info please feel free to ask 🙂

John W Higgins

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