Firebird Python driver FDB 1.4 is released with new features

FDB release 1.4 is out:

Here is the changelog and the list of bugs fixed

New Features:

* fdb.schema submodule extended with support for user privileges.


* method to load information about user from server.
* fdb.ibase content cleanup and additions.
* fdb.blr submodule with BLR definitions.

Bugs Fixed:

* PYFB-37 – Unicode Strings incorrect not allowed for insertion into BLOB SubType 1.

Django Firebird current status

Maximiliano Robaina announced django firebird driver status related to django 1.6 :

I’m pleased to announce that django-firebird with django 1.6 support is underway.

Django 1.6 is still in alpha state, so django-firebird 1.6 too.
Then, you can see the current status at the master branch . The master branch has the “in develop” version. If you need stable support (django 1.5) take a look at stable/1.5.x

What are the changes in database field?
The main changes is on transaction management and including BinaryField
Django 1.6 release notes

Firebird Python driver FDB 1.3 is released

FDB release 1.3 is out:

Here is the changelog and the list of bugs fixed

New Features

* fdb.monitor submodule for access to / work with monitoring tables.
* New fdb.Connection.monitor property for access to monitoring tables.


* closed property and clear() method for Schema.
* Unit tests reworked.

Bugs Fixed

* Unregistered: Bug in fdb.schema.Schema.close() and

Next version 1.4 will provide access to/work with privileges to database

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