Django1.5.x Firebird driver with Python 3.x support ready for testing

Maximiliano Robaina wrote about Python3 fixes for the Firebird Django driver :

I just pushed up a new commit into django-firebird github repository [1] with several python 3 fixes.
If anybody can test it with python 3 and report any issue, it will be appreciated.

Take into account that this improvements are available into github repository, not on PyPI yet. Pull requests are welcome 😉


My First Firebird and Python application

Ido Kanner (ik_5) wrote on his blog about his First Firebird and Python application :

It’s that time of the year again – I’m required to learn new technology due to a project requirement.
The requirement is to write something using django, but I do not know django or Python.

So I’ve started my first project using the Python language, just to have a feel for it.

Firebird-Mezzanine = Firebird and Django’s WordPress alternative : Mezzanine

Here are my install instructions on Ubuntu/Debian for Mezzanine CMS
First install Firebird 2.5.2 , Then install django and fdb driver
sudo pip install django
sudo pip install fdb
sudo pip install mezzanine
Install django-firebird driver like is described on the github page
Create new mezzanine project:
mezzanine-project firebird-mezzanine
cd firebird-mezzanine
create empty database from isql-fb / flamerobin
SQL> create database “localhost:/var/lib/firebird/2.5/data/firebird-mezzanine.fdb” user ‘SYSDBA’ password ‘masterkey’;
SQL> quit;
create local config for firebird
python createdb
python runserver
look at the first results after the wordpress import (i was so impressed that i have removed the old account)
next step : blogspot import is in progress

Django 1.5 driver for Firebird is updated (based on the fdb driver)

Maximiliano Robaina ‏announced :
There is a new version of django-firebird in github repository.
It is still alpha,You can test it with django 1.5 release.

This version is under development and uses the fdb python-firebird driver .
It’s tested only with django 1.5 master branch, so is possible it could fail with django 1.4.x (but it seems that works)
Given this is still in alpha stage we need that you try it and run the tests and give us feedback if it works for you. Also we need Python 3.x testers.

Update: Django 1.5 Beta is released

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