Django 1.5 driver for Firebird is updated (based on the fdb driver)

Maximiliano Robaina ‏announced :
There is a new version of django-firebird in github repository.
It is still alpha,You can test it with django 1.5 release.

This version is under development and uses the fdb python-firebird driver .
It’s tested only with django 1.5 master branch, so is possible it could fail with django 1.4.x (but it seems that works)
Given this is still in alpha stage we need that you try it and run the tests and give us feedback if it works for you. Also we need Python 3.x testers.

Update: Django 1.5 Beta is released

Firebird Python driver FDB 0.9 is now released with Documentation and new Features

FDB release 0.9 (we’re getting close to 1.0!) is out:
New Features:
* Documentation: both in-source (in Sphinx autodoc format and html)
* Services API completely reworked
Other changes:
* Many unregistered bugs fixed.
* Various optimizations and cleanup
* Object reference graph optimizations
* Many new tests in test suite

Target for next (1.0) release: Firebird ARRAY support

News via ‘s google plus page


Official Firebird driver FDB release 0.7.2 is out with Support for Python 3 and Distributed Transactions

FDB release 0.7.2 is out:

Highlights for this release:
– Python 3 Support (thanks to Philippe Makowski)
– Support for Distributed Transactions
– Support for NBACKUP Service
– Support for Trace Service

And as always, some bugs fixed.

Main target for next version: support for Firebird Events.

Note: I’m really glad that Philippe joined the FDB team, especially to look after Python 3 support (but not only that). Thanks!

You can also read the announcement on firebird-python list


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