Firebird Python driver FDB 0.9 is now released with Documentation and new Features

FDB release 0.9 (we’re getting close to 1.0!) is out:
New Features:
* Documentation: both in-source (in Sphinx autodoc format and html)
* Services API completely reworked
Other changes:
* Many unregistered bugs fixed.
* Various optimizations and cleanup
* Object reference graph optimizations
* Many new tests in test suite

Target for next (1.0) release: Firebird ARRAY support

News via ‘s google plus page


Official Firebird driver FDB release 0.7.2 is out with Support for Python 3 and Distributed Transactions

FDB release 0.7.2 is out:

Highlights for this release:
– Python 3 Support (thanks to Philippe Makowski)
– Support for Distributed Transactions
– Support for NBACKUP Service
– Support for Trace Service

And as always, some bugs fixed.

Main target for next version: support for Firebird Events.

Note: I’m really glad that Philippe joined the FDB team, especially to look after Python 3 support (but not only that). Thanks!

You can also read the announcement on firebird-python list


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