DBRE (DataBase REplicator) 0.19.1 – asynchronous replication DB

DBRE – is a system for asynchronous point-in-time databases replication. In addition, it can be used for a single transfusion of data between the DBMS
DBRE now supports Firebird and Mysql RDBMS. In future it will be supported Oracle, ODBC, PostgreSQL and SQLite. But any other database can be included to supporting with gomomorphic interface in C++ class.

spotted via nixp.ru Also I like the documentation diagrams , looks a little fuzzy to me

fbsql: Clean client-libraries for Firebird and Interbase databases

I’ve written this quite some time ago (and it didn’t receive much love since then, but it’s functional and should be bug-free), but I just noticed I haven’t mentioned it on my blog: fbsql is a clean C-API that can be used to create bindings for other languages (such as Python or Ruby). It’s much simpler to use than the raw Interbase/Firebird API and it uses IBPP internally. So it’s basically just forwarding the function calls to IBPP and abstracting the IBPP classes to a C interface that is straight forward and intuitive.

New articles about Entity Framework and Firebird

You can see two new blog posts about Entity Framework : OnValidate-Like Validation

Yesterday, while doing Entity Framework training, I got a good question. LINQ to SQL has a nice event called OnValidate, where you can validate your data. But Entity Framework classes don’t. As the only one good point to do the validation of entities in Entity Framework is during in SaveChanges in SavingChanges event, we have to utilize this event and build validation there.

You may wonder how to use usefull coalesce operator in Firebird Entity Framework.

People Around Firebird – Daniel Albuschat

Today i have discovered this little gem on github , It’s an Asynchronous database-access for Qt and Firebird

So in this post i open an series of interviews or introductions with people around firebird

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