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Today i have discovered this little gem on github , It’s an Asynchronous database-access for Qt and Firebird

So in this post i open an series of interviews or introductions with people around firebird

Hi Marius, is a great site! Added it to my RSS feeds, but I
wonder why I haven’t heard of it before. You need to do more
advertising! đŸ™‚ Do you happen to know how many readers you are

ED:Maybe we should promote better the website , seems that now from

stats we have a lot of hits from Italy, so we have to tune up to reach more markets đŸ™‚

I’m glad that you included my translation of the Firebird Security
documentation, too, but I was a bit surprised to find it there without
being notified of it.

Regarding the TsSqlDatabase stuff: It’s something I’m doing for the
company I’m working at (Germany based Treesoft, see
and it’s currently being extended by another employee. Which problems
I wanted to solve and the basic technique that I’m using to solve it
are described here:

The project is currently in a semi-working state. My co-worker is
working with Qt to create a searchable list-view that can handle HUGE
amounts of data with astounding user experience and without the quirks
that most SQL list implementations have.
I’m going to write up a new article on this topic with more details
maybe this weekend or next week, so stay tuned. I’ll contact you when
it is finished so you can put it up on

This blog-post may also be an interesting read to you:

ED:also i love arora and i started to like qt , I’m not an c++ lover
but with qt I started to like it

C++ is just one of the most cleanest languages that are around
(although it has many quirks and is not what I would really call
“clean”, but it’s still “one of the cleanest”). It’s the only language
that solved the resource allocation/deallocation problem in the best
possible manner. See RAII vs. Garbage collection here:

On an unrelated side note, have you ever used SinĂ¡tica Monitor
yourself? It sounds like a cool product, but I’m wondering how it
works. I have a similar project in mind that would work as a
Firebird-“Proxy” and sniff the communication between the client
application and Firebird. But SinĂ¡tica even has info on server and I/O
loads, that really cool.

ED: I will try it on my ubuntu box if possible with wine

Thanks for your mail,

Daniel Albuschat

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  • Marius, tell Daniel to check FBScanner from IBSurgeon. It doest mostly what he wants to do with that “proxy” thing (and works with any FB version).

  • SinĂ¡tica Monitor uses the new monitoring tables in Firebird 2.1.
    It’s a database client just as any other. Ridiculously easy installation. No proxies to configure and maintain.

    Douglas Tosi

  • Hey Cantu, thanks for the pointer! I’ll try it out next week, seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Because we can (guided by a wizard) create custom sql statements in our client application, it sometimes happens that one person creates such a complex statement that the firebid process is completely blocked by that select and other people are experiencing sloooow performance.
    Because we’re still bound to Firebird 1.5 due to certain circumstances, we can’t use sinatica, unfortunately. But it looks like a slick, high-quality product. Hope we’ll be able to use Firebird 2.x soon.

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