Practical Migration Guide To Firebird 5.0

The “Practical Migration Guide to Firebird 5.0,” authored by D. Simonov, is a free technical manual that describes the main steps for upgrading to Firebird 5 from legacy versions such as 2.5, 3.0, and 4.0.

It encapsulates a wealth of pragmatic advice, troubleshooting methodologies, and resolution techniques for common migration challenges. Despite its brevity (40 pages), the guide comprehensively addresses critical aspects of the migration process, including installation protocols, configuration optimization, user account migration, and data type transition strategies.

Read “Practical Migration Guide to Firebird 5.0” or download it in printable PDF format.


Note from the submitter: For those upgrading to Firebird 5, this practical guide can be considered an “add-on” for my (+200 pages) Migration Guide to Firebird 4 eBook, which contains detailed and very important information specially for those moving from FB 3 (or older versions).

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