RedExpert 2023.10.1 has been released

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New version of RedExpert 2023.10.1 is available.


  1. “Properties” tab on the database table editing panel.
  2. Configuring SQL templates from the Menu -> Tools.
  3. Checkbox “Automatic text wrapping” in the text browser of data with the BLOB type.
  4. Ability to specify a relative path to the log file in the settings.
  5. View blobs of PDF type.
  6. Autocomplete when editing table triggers for <new.> and <old.>.
  7. Ability to change column position.
  8. Ability to (not)check changes in column positions during DB comparison.
  9. Changing a cursor in the Query Editor while holding down the CTRL button when hovering over an object that can be opened.
  10. Restart the application only after saving several settings
  11. Target and source database exchange button on the comparison panel.


  1. ODBC driver support has been terminated.
  2. Recreation a role when adding a comment  for it.
  3. Errors of editing table foreign keys.
  4. Inability to add a comment to the index through the editing window.
  5. Adding extra versions of Red Expert to the list of Windows applications when installing a new version of the application over the old one.
  6. Action taken when clicking the Select Displayed Dataset Columns button when the Results Pane is closed.
  7. Selecting  table rows to be deleted after closing the “Data” tab and canceling the deletion.
  8. An error when the “Close all tabs” button did not close all tabs.
  9. Incorrect error handling during update.
  10. Syntax highlighting for multi-line identifiers.
  11. Application crash if user settings are broken.
  12. DDL generation for ARRAY, NUMERIC and DECIMAL columns.
  13. Improved autocomplete support for Firebird aliases and keywords.
  14. Working with tables with name length more than31
  15. Updated links for automatic Java downloads.
  16. Unreasonable memory consumption.
  17. Incorrect display of the red_expert.ico file.
  18. Functioning of such application settings as:
    1. highlighting the current line;
    2. number of saved log files;
    3. selected text color;
    4. alternative editor background;
    5. editor font color;
    6. alternative highlight color.

Download and install the new version.

Firebird Foundation New Officers and Committee

Annual General Meeting of Firebird Foundation is finished, and the new Officers and Committee were elected and start to work:

President of Firebird Foundation: Alexey Kovyazin
Vice-President of Firebird Foundation: Pavel Cisar
Treasurer and Secretary of Firebird Foundation: Jason L. Wharton

Committee Members:

  • Jiri Cincura
  • Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
  • Magnus Johansson
  • Stephanie McColl
  • Roman Simakov
  • Dmitry Yemanov
  • Lucas Franzen
  • Matthew Nielsen
  • Fabio Codebue

Database .NET v35.5 released

Database .NET v35.5 is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool.
With it you can easily and intuitive manage all database versions of Firebird (1.5~4.0)
(Free for non-commercial and a single executable file without installation)
Major New features and improvements from 35.1 to 35.5:

  • Added updatable query results
  • Added support for editing and updating of uuid data type of Firebird
  • The content of blob sub_type 1 of Firebird can be edited directly
  • Improved Form Editor
  • Improved Generating Scripts
  • Improved Database Diagram
  • Updated FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient to
  • and more

RedExpert 2023.08 has been released

You can join to the Telegram chat for discussion.

New version of RedExpert 2023.08 is available.


  1. Online table validation.
  2. Different date-time templates for fields with DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP types.
  3. Line wrapping mode in the Query Editor.
  4. Support of the PSQL-profiler.
  5. Tree view display with a panel of differences for each object as a DB comparer result.
  6. New Foreign Key selection panel on the “Data” tab when working with DB tables.
  7. Resetting color to default by RMB click in the color settings.
  8. Ability to filter columns by their names in the “Result Column Visibility” window for a Result Set.
  9. Audit analysis.
  10. Auto-complete for packages (procedures and functions are suggested after a dot).
  11. Date display in the application log.
  12. Writing trace to file without parsing in the application.
  13. Navigation of tabs with a mouse wheel.
  14. Ability to enable or disable parsing of variable declarations in Procedures and Functions.
  15. Recalculation index statistics from the corresponding tab of the table.


  1. Inability to add a comment for a table field when editing it.
  2. An error due to which the content of the “SQL” tab during table creation was not updated when changing the “Comment” tab content.
  3. Option “Show Grid” in the “Links” tab when working with a DB table.
  4. Displaying the username in the “Select Result” tab when editing a user is confirmed.
  5. Generation of the SQL scripts for packages, views, tables and jobs.
  6. “Description” tabs renamed to “Comment”.
  7. Incorrect application of theme and style for the Query Editor.
  8. Wrong SQL script formatting in the Query Editor.
  9. NPE when navigating through folders in the connection tree.
  10. An error due to which the fields and constraints of the DB table disappeared when changing its comment.
  11. Defects when moving multiple connections to a folder in the connection tree.
  12. Error getting tablespaces and jobs from the Firebird connection during DB comparison.
  13. Error editing cell in the Result Set.
  14. An error due to which when installing an application with root, it was not added to the application menu.
  15. Adding a post-install application shortcut for all users that could not be removed.
  16. Errors while updating the application. Updates are now downloaded and unpacked into the temporary folder, and only one copy of the application must be open to run the update.
  17. Error opening Trace Manager, if there are non-standard drivers.
  18. Error saving ER-diagrams.
  19. Displaying scale for NUMERIC type.
  20. Sorting of visible columns of Trace Manager.
  21. Errors working with column names starting with a space.
  22. Failure to insert a password when creating a user.
  23. Search in the object tree (by string occurrence).
  24. Incorrect authentication error detection.
  25. Failure to copy name when editing an object.
  26. Generating DDL functions containing cursors.
  27. Adjusting width of the Result Set columns by content.
  28. Editing Primary Key fields by multiple fields.
  29. Disabled the ability to use ARRAY data type.
  30. Localized: Driver Selection Panel; Color Selection Panel; File Selection/Saving Panel; labels, hints and context menus in the Query Editor; Password View Panel; Connection Details Panel; Notepad Panel; ER-diagram Editor.

Download and install the new version.

Database Workbench 6.3.0 released

Upscene Productions is proud to announce the availability of the next release of the popular multi-DBMS development tool:

” Database Workbench 6.3.0″

This version includes full support for the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server and MariaDB.

    One of the major changes in the previous release was the new object selection box in the Object Editors: much faster on a large number of objects and it now includes a filter for easier usage.

    Database Workbench 6 comes in 3 different editions with different pricing models, there’s always a version that suits you!

    Release of IBProvider v5.31

    Hello Everyone!

    We have completed the third step in the process of implementing FB4 support in our OLE DB provider.

    This release adds support for TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE, improves support for INT128 and improves support for NUMERIC data types.

    Please review the changes carefully.

    At the end of the news we have prepared a special offer for you.

    Kind Regards, IBProvider Team.

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