Ultimate EFv4 CTP4 Code First full mapping example using Firebird

Jiří {x2} Činčura created an example with Entity Framework 4 CTP4

Let’s model some kind of simple library and try to use there couple of Entity Framework’s features. And to make things worse, try to do it with ADO.NET provider for Firebird.Good news is I succeeded. My database structure was my first and non-touchable object (to be honest the first was the idea what to create and how to represent it in database) together with the idea of objects.

ANN: ADO.NET provider for Firebird 2.5.2 released

I’m pleased to announce new – 2.5.2 – version of ADO.NET provider for Firebird. This release is mainly focused on bugfixing, but also some small internal improvements has been made. We’re still working on new features added to new Firebird server versions and in ADO.NET world. Complete list of changes can be found in tracker
http://tracker.firebirdsql.org/sr/jira.issueviews:searchrequest-printable/temp/SearchRequest.html?pid=10003&fixfor=10370&status=5&status=6&sorter/field=issuekey&sorter/order=DESC&tempMax=1000 .

Thanks to all people contributed to this release.

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FBCon 2009 München – #.NET + Firebird will be there

Jiří {x2} Činčura wrote on his blog

You can find info about conference at firebird-conference.com. I’ll be speaking there too, hence if you’re interested in Firebird and .NET you should definitely come. Every day I have one session. I’ll be covering new (2.5+) protocol implementation in .NET client for Firebird 2.1, Entity Framework support (also new in 2.5) and finally you’ll see how to create Windows phone (formely PocketPC, …) application and accessing Firebird database.

FirebirdClient and InterBase – Short Answer NO is not supported

Jiri is getting more and more support request from people who try to connect to Interbase ! with Firebird .net client.The short answer is that Firebird driver is for Firebird database only and we can’t support Interbase too

Wondering what changed on Earth in last, say, four weeks. I’m getting more than average (read: more than zero) emails, asking whether FirebirdClient works with InterBase. Similarly in mailing list.

Entity Framework and Firebird Embedded

Did you ever think about how cool would be to have fully featured SQL database, without installation (just xcopy) and with Entity Framework support?

I was wondering whether the Entity Framework support I’m creating in FirebirdClient will work with Embedded version. Taking into account that the communication layers are under the EF support, there should be no problem. But you’ll never be sure until you try it. 😉 And it works.

New articles about Entity Framework and Firebird

You can see two new blog posts about Entity Framework : OnValidate-Like Validation

Yesterday, while doing Entity Framework training, I got a good question. LINQ to SQL has a nice event called OnValidate, where you can validate your data. But Entity Framework classes don’t. As the only one good point to do the validation of entities in Entity Framework is during in SaveChanges in SavingChanges event, we have to utilize this event and build validation there.

You may wonder how to use usefull coalesce operator in Firebird Entity Framework.

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