RedDatabase is included in Linux XP

Here is the translated article :
Companies SafeLine and corporation «Ed Software» announce that RDBMS Red Database 2.1.1 works correctly on OS Linux XP Desktop Enterprise Edition.

Tests were conducted to verify the compatibility of OC Linux XP and RDBMS Red Database, as very relevant to modern realities of solutions built on open source code. Both products are being developed and will be accompanied by the Russian team of developers, which creates certain advantages for users: You can not only solve current problems of the client, taking into account its industry, but also to minimize its further development costs and support information system.

The core of Red Database DBMS built on the basis of one of the most famous and popular in the world of open source database – Firebird 2.1, which is used in the decisions of various sizes, and consistent with worldwide industry standards for quality, reliability and security.

MySQL shake-up could be a blessing

I’d argue that Sun needs to tighten the reins on MySQL development, not let them go. Going forward, MySQL will need to work hard if it wants to stay in front of the low-end database business. It’s no longer the reigning speed king; if fast, SQL-based storage is all you care about, SQLite is a better alternative. And competing open source databases like PostgreSQL and Firebird offer better feature sets for exactly the same price as MySQL.

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Interviews in the 5th FDD

A new set of  interviews done by HardSoft TV during the 5th Firebird Developers Day in Brazil is now online. You need to use Internet Explorer to watch the videos. Unfortunately, there is no way to “fast forward” it, so you need to watch the video until the “interesting” part arrives (usually after the introduction, at 40% of the timeline) 😉

PS: Audio is in portuguese. Images are nice!

5th FDD interviews for TV

Hardsoft TV was covering the last Firebird Developers Day in Brazil, and now interviews started to be put online in their site. You can check the first one here (it is in portuguese, but you can check the images of the local, attendees, speakers, etc). BTW, the link only works with Internet Explorer.

Update: The video is now available on Youtube:

OpenSQL Camp

Open-source databases have become quite prominent over the last decade, in large installations as well as small ones. MySQL and PostgreSQL are the best-known open-source databases, but SQLite, Firebird, and CouchDB are also popular in some corners, and offer compelling features of their own. In some cases, users aren’t even aware that they have installed a database: For example, the Firefox Web browser comes with an installation of SQLite, which it uses to manage preferences and passwords.

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Interviews in HardSoft TV

Two interviews made with Alexey Kovyazin (IBSurgeon) and Meiji Kimura, two years ago in the 3rd edition of Firebird Developers Day in Brazil was recently discovered and published in the HardSoft TV site.

HardSoft covered the conference one more time this year, and we expect to have the interviews published in the next 2 months.

PS: IE is need to watch the videos.

Open Source Awards Accepting Nominations – Firebird mention

Is open source software a part of your daily computing life? Now is your chance to sound off about it., an online community that hosts open source projects, is accepting nominations for its annual Community Choice awards.

[ED:Read the rest of the article here

At the end Firebird is mentioned for the last year awards]

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