Firebird and FireBase in “Anuario InfoCorporate 2006”

InfoCorporate 2006

Firebird and FireBase (Brazilian Firebird dedicated portal) is mentioned in the Database section of the 2006 edition of “Anuário InfoCorporate“. Some months ago, a journalist from InfoCorporate called me by phone and made a small interview about Open Source databases and Firebird to be used in the publication.

The publication is a major source of indexed information to make the work of finding the best services/consulting providers of a specific area easier.

An excerpt of the article be be viewed below (portuguese only):

Firebird mentioned in “Semanário Econômico” article

“Semanário Económico” – the best Economic Newsweek in Portugal – gives a special mention to Akropole, a software dedicated to Schools. Akropole runs on Firebird, and it’s clearly mentioned. A full copy of the article (portuguese only) is available here.

PS: On the same article (if you know portuguese and dig it a little), you will notice that the Most Productive ( profits / number of employees) company in Portugal in 2004 works with an ERP system… powered by Firebird! 🙂

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