MySQL to Fight Oracle With Fire(bird)?

“I’m very happy that Jim, Ann and Taneli have joined MySQL AB,” said Michael “Monty” Widenius, the company’s co-founder, in a statement.

“There is plenty of work to go around, and with their combined experience, they can help us deliver on all the plans that we haven’t had time to pursue yet — and also supply us with lots of fresh new ideas.”

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My note: The article says that Jim is involved with Firebird since 2000. This is not true. Jim got involved with Firebird only when IBPhoenix hired him to develop Vulcan.

MySQL Scores the Brains Behind Firebird

eWeek article bring some more info about recent moves:

“MySQL and Firebird will continue as two distinct code bases,” said Steve Curry, a spokesperson for MySQL, in an e-mail exchange.
“Any MySQL projects that [Starkey] is involved in will be based on new work, not re-use of existing Firebird or InterBase code. Firebird is a fine product, one that we do not see as a competitor.”

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MySQL acquires development vendor and Firebird expertise

“It’s not clear at this stage precisely what roles Starkey or Harrison will have at Uppsala, Sweden-based MySQL, but the blogoshere is alive with suggestions that they will help the company to plug the perceived transactional engine hole left following Oracle’s purchase of Innobase Oy in October 2005. Innobase was home to InnoDB, MySQL’s storage engine of choice.”

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OSDB market soap opera update (mysql and firebird)

“I’m almost certain that you wont see any integration of firebird into mysql (and I don’t think the firebird community would really want that anyway), but it’s probably worth keeping an eye on as this sure looks like mysql’s play to get out from under the shadow of the recent oracle maneuvers, and so will have an effect on how the mainstream tech market looks at all open source db’s.”

Robert Treat wrote in his blog

The open source ripple effect

As the industry continues to digest what Oracle’s acquisition of Sleepycat means for MySQL and its open source plans, Bruce Perens has an interesting take on the impact of proprietary vendors acquiring their way into open source

Oracle’s potential purchase of JBoss, he notes, can be seen as a move against BEA, which has made its own moves to open source previously proprietary work to protect its position against JBoss.


MySQL’s response to Oracle’s moves

I’ve recently written two articles on this topic for Database Journal, the earlier, written after the InnoDB purchase, entitled Oracle’s purchase of InnoDB, their release of Oracle Express, and the effect on MySQL, and the most recent, just after the Sleepycat purchase, entitled Pressure on MySQL increases as Oracle purchases Sleepycat, with more to come.

Since I only do a monthly column for Database Journal, and things change quite quickly, I thought I’d post a few more thoughts on the topic.

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