SQL/e – Microsoft answer to FB Embedded?

From Steve Lasker’s Web Log“I’m not familiar with the details of Firebird Embedded, so I can’t make a comparison. To capture the essence: SQL/e is a lightweight, in-proc relational database that offers a subset of the data types and TSQL syntax to provide queries over relational stored data with transactional support. The SQL/e data format can be password protected with encryption. SQL/e is based on the proven history of the Microsoft SQL Server Mobile Edition technology.”
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“Firebird Embedded Server” article in the current “Entwickler Magazin”

Hi all (especially the German speaking folks),
FYI: In the current edition of the well-known German “Entwickler Magazin”, there has been an article about “Firebird Embedded Server” included.

The link to the content of the current edition is:

SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards – Thank you for all voters

The results are in, and the voters have spoken. We’ve just tallied the
results for the 2006 SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards. The
results are impressive–more than 212,000 of you came to voice your
support for the projects nominated. Winners will be announced at the
Slashdot Lounge in the .ORG Pavilion at LinuxWorld Expo, Boston, on
April 5, and the complete list of winners will be posted on
SourceForge.net on April 6.

Meanwhile, you can view the complete list of nominees and read more
about the awards at:


Data Application Block for Firebird SQL (The Code Project)

The Firebird SQL data application block is intended to speed up development, and it should be used in conjunction with data layer classes in much the same way as Microsoftā€™s data block. The sample included with this article uses the embedded Firebird SQL database (included in sample) to demonstrate the use of the application block without having to bother setting up a database.

Firebird reviewed in Brazilian magazine

ColeĆ§Ć£o Info – a Brazilian publication that focus on specific diferent subjects at each edition, just released a new edition focused on Databases. Firebird is in the list of reviewed products and got a final score of 7.4.

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