Jim Starkey: Introducing Falcon (Storage Engine for MySQL)

Last session of the MySQL UC is Jim Starkey giving an introduction to the new Falcon storage engine. Jim is an icon in the database field, was the creator of MVCC and the BLOB data type. There’s a can of Falcon beer for anyone who asks a good question.

Read the Falcon intro

[Ed :When i read the word Falcon i always associate it with Millennium Falcon, Yes Jim is fighting a good cause against evil empire ;)]

Conversation with Jim Starkey at a future mysql meetup

I finally bumped into Jim this morning at the MySQL UC and had a chance to talk with him. The initial conversation was about the meetup, which he gracefully agreed to come to sometime this summer (July/August). Beyond that was a great conversation about where MySQL is now, where Falcon fits in, and some of Jim’s ideas about a variety of things including DBAs, stored procedures, data types, and the SQL standard. He’s got some refreshing views on database technology and is an enjoyable person to talk with. This interview from 2003 captures a bit of Jim’s approach to database problems.

Firebird mentioned in two articles

IT-Director.comA phenomenon of Open Source has been that a single product normally emerges in any given category. Firefox (browser), Linux (OS), Apache (Web Server) and JBoss (middleware stack) are all examples. The only market where more than one product seems to have emerged is database—which is dominated by MySQL, but also served by FireBird, SleepyCat, Ingres and others. – Read more here.

ZDNetMySQL is not alone in that thinking. Other established open-source databases include PostgreSQL and Firebird. – Read more here.

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