IBDeveloper #4 is out

I guess some of our readers have become a bit tired of waiting and wondering when the new issue would be released. I am really sorry about the long delay, but there have been some serious financial and time issues holding up production.

Helen’s talk in Australia

From Malcon Groves blog (Borland): ADUG Symposium in Melbourne and Adelaide

The Australian Delphi Users Group have been holding yearly Symposia since 1999 (I remember as I had to catch an early flight back from the first one to get married the next day), and the lineup just gets better every year. This year it’ll be in Melbourne and Adelaide, and the sessions include:

* How to implement Plug-ins in .NET – Glenn Stephens
* Sweet-talking Firebird with Delphi – Helen Borrie
* Component Development in Delphi/VCL – Glenn Crouch
* Delphi.Net on Linux using Mono – Emlyn ORegan

I’ll be there talking about Devco and the future of Delphi, but to be honest I’m also excited just to sit in the audience for the day and listen to some really smart developers. Also, anyone who is doing anything with Interbase or Firebird needs to attend just to listen to Helen, she literally wrote the book on Firebird.

Why we all sell code with bugs – firebird mentioned

[Quoting from this article where firebird is mentioned http://technology.guardian.co.uk/weekly/story/0,,1781895,00.html]

For instance, our product, Vault, stores all data using Microsoft SQL Server. Some people don’t like this. We’ve been asked to port the back end to Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Firebird. This issue is in our bug database as item 6740. The four questions would look like this:

SAS’s Goodnight won’t say goodbye yet

…I think, to some extent, that Oracle is getting to that perch in the database business. Yet there is a lot of movement in the database business with open source software. We use one called Firebird. They should do something about it.

We had an experience when we were thinking about going public and our consultants said that we needed to get off SAS for our internal ERP work because it is just not a recognised brand and they suggested Oracle. It was Ernst and Young and we spent three or four years and $10m and it was just outrageous. And in the release (of Oracle) that we were working on there were over 10,000 bugs. That’s horrible.

Read complete article here.

How open source databases will kill mssql server

[I agree with the open source databases vs mssql part, if you look at netcraft or browser stats: apache and firefox are growing stronger than the other side (dark side), so it happens in the db space]

10.MySQL / PostgrSQL / Firebird threatens MS SQL Server. SQL Server is the one division that showed a modest profit in 2004, but many database professionals are switching Open Source alternatives. Even though sales for SQL Server is growing, it is growing at a slower rate than the overall market.

Read more at toorg.blogspot.com/2006…

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