ARM Linux gains embeddable SQL database

The Firebird Project has ported its lightweight, open-source database to the ARM architecture. The project is looking for help testing a new Firebird 2.1 RC2 release, which in addition to ARM support, adds database triggers, temporary and monitoring tables, common table expressions, and recursive queries

[ED: ok the arm port is not merged in the cvs yet but the code is already there in debian’s git or private patches, please ask on devel-list]

Me on Marc Fleury on Sun purchase of MySQL – replaceable lamp bricks

The last post was supposed to be this one, but I got distracted on how I found it

Whether you’re using Postgres, SQLite, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, HSQLD, Firebird, Derby, or whatever, you’re benefiting from the popularity of MySQL. If you’re still using Progress, dBase, or Sybase, maybe not.

My point is that MySQL did for databases what Netscape did for the internet, what Apache did for web servers, what Star Office did for alternate word processors, what Sendmail did for email servers, and what JBoss did for J2EE.

[ED Here is my reply :Bricks can be replaced in the lamp
Why they always forget the MTA or DNS?
They are critical parts of the clusters
Sendmail is replaced by postfix or qmail if you are a sane person (in ubuntu postfix is by default)
Apache is replaced by lighttpd and nginix – better webservers IMHO
mysql by firebird or postgresql
linux kernel is good enough and is better than win or solaris (if you want wamp or samp)

php can be replaced by ruby or perl or python (if it becames bloated like java in version 6.x) ]

Sun, MySQL and the return of integrated solutions

Post in ZDNet mentions Firebird. Check the excerpt from the full article:

There are many open source projects that offer respectable database technology including Axion, Firebird, MaxDB, PostgreSQL, Ingres and quite a number of others including an old friend, MUMPS (I was a software engineer at a company that created MUMPS-based solutions in the late Jurassic period)! If Sun tries to “squeeze” the users of MySQL, it is likely that these organizations will simply move to another platform and say goodbye to MySQL and Sun. Do you agree with my line of reasoning?

Firebird is alive and secure

The following was sent to Charles Babcock at Information week in reply to an article entitled:

Open Source Code Contains Security Holes

As a developer and administrator of the Firebird Project I completely reject the statement you made in the above article.

“The somewhat moribund Firebird project, for example, is listed with 195 identified defects, of which it has verified zero and fixed zero. The active Firefox browser project, on the other hand,
has fixed 370 bugs, verified 56 and faces another 246 to verify and fix.”

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