IBProvider 3.18. Better support of MSSQL. Changeover to the new VS 2012 compiler

We are pleased to announce the new release of our OLEDB Provider: version 3.18.

Now in your projects for Firebird and Interbase you can more comfortable work with Linked Server of MSSQL 2012. Hurrah!

In new release:

  • Improved performance of the provider as a linked MSSQL server.
  • Provider compilation with Visual Studio 2012.


You can download IBProvider here: Firebird and Interbase driver >>>

Release candidate of .Net Provider for OleDb

Firebird driver become faster We are pleased to announce the release candidate of our .NET Provider for OleDb.

Now you can use 200% of the ADO.Net power in your projects for Firebird and Interbase:

  1. Read sets via OleDbDataReader and change them simultaneously (MARS technology).
  2. Use nested transactions, savepoints and distributed transactions within the TransactionScope.
  3. Execute several select, update and insert queries with parameters(!) within only one command OleDbCommand.
  4. Work with absolutely all types of data, including arrays and even Interbase Guid.
  5. And yes, now after you have set the command text you don’t need to manually add parameters to the query. Everything is done automatically and on the fly.

You can download ibprovider here: Firebird OleDb driver >>>

Update of .NET Provider for OLEDB. Support of schemas implemented.

We continue to develop our .NET Provider for OLEDB. In the new build (#1434), we have implemented the methods to obtain database metadata:

  • OleDbConnection.GetOleDbSchemaTable
  • OleDbConnection.GetSchema


Supported schemas:

  • SchemaGuids
  • DbInfoKeywords
  • DbInfoLiterals
  • All schemas of the OLEDB Provider

Distinctions compared to standard OLEDB.NET Provider:

  • The SchemaGuids schema describes all schemas including SchemaGuids, DbInfoKeywords and DbInfoLiterals.
  • The SchemaGuids schema supports restrictions for the Schema column.


Supported schemas:

  • MetaDataCollections
  • Restrictions
  • DataTypes
  • ReservedWords
  • DataSourceInformation
  • CharacterSets
  • Collations
  • Tables
  • Views
  • Columns
  • Procedures
  • ProcedureParameters
  • ProcedureColumns
  • Indexes

Distinctions compared to standard OLEDB.NET Provider:

  • The MetaDataCollections schema supports restrictions for the column CollectionName.
  • The Restrictions schema supports restrictions for the columns CollectionName and RestrictionName.
  • More accurate population of the DataSourceInformation schema.
  • More accurate population of the Restrictions schema.

Implementation peculiarities

  • Caching of data from its own schemas (SchemaGuids, DbInfoKeywords, DbInfoLiterals, …).
  • Coherence of information from metadata schemas with the descriptions of the resulting rowset columns and command parameters (ensured by IBProvider).
  • Different algorithms of metadata loading for Interbase and Firebird. Including – our provider takes into account the version of the server and the version of database ODS (ensured by IBProvider).
  • Caching of OLEDB metadata schemas is carried out on the IBProvider level (see a property «schema_cache»).

Other changes

  • The OleDbSchemaGuid class added with the lists of known OLEDB schema identifiers.
  • The OleDbSchemaRestriction class added with the lists of restriction indexes for known OLEDB schemas.
  • The OleDbLiteral class added.
  • The OleDbMetaDataCollectionNames class added.
  • The number of tests and debug structures ensuring the correct work of components increased.

New examples

If you are interested in working with stored procedures grouped into PACKAGE, please take a look at the new example for our .NET Provider:

  • Creation and working with PACKAGE (C#, FB3)
  • IBProvider 3.13.3. First new year release and free access to LCPI ADO.NET Data Provider for OLEDB

    Firebird driver

    A half year before we product first release of LCPI ADO.NET Data Provider for OLEDB, which became powerful alternative of standard .Net OLE DB Provider and provide advanced opportunities for all Firebird and Interbase users in .Net Framework:

    • Automatic generation of command parameters which you do not need to enter manually anymore;
    • Named and unnamed parameters, also IN, OUT and IN-OUT parameters;
    • Connection pooling and SQL statement pooling which let your code run even faster;
    • Nested («nested_trans=true») and distributed (TransactionScope, EnlistTransaction) transactions;
    • All data types, including GUID, TIME (Dialect 3), DATE (Dialect 3) and multidimensional arrays;
    • The MARS technology which enables working simultaneously with several active DataReader objects;
    • And hey, ExecuteScalar now really loads one value only, not the entire record
    • Multiple parameter-containing commands in one statement (SQL scripts);

    Up to this day LCPI ADO.NET Data Provider for OLEDB was available only in professional version of IBProvider but now you can download it on the download page together with first release of IBProvider in the new year:

    You cand download Firebird OLE DB Provider and ADO .Net Data Provider here.


    Dozens of new options for Firebird and .NET Framework


    If you have ever worked with Firebird or Interbase using the standard .NET provider for OLE DB (System.Data.OleDb), you will have likely encountered issues like this:

    • The necessity to add ALL parameters manually.
    • Even though the OLE DB provider supports parameter generation for commands, the .NET provider doesn’t use it, so you as the programmer must do that work on your own.
    • The lack of support for named parameters. Although they actually exist, using them in reality requires a whole set of complex manipulations (the steps needed to add a parameter to a collection, etc.).
    • The impossibility of using multiple DataReader objects at the same time (Multiple Active Result Sets).
    • No execution of SQL scripts which contain several SQL expressions per command.

    This list of difficulties a .NET developer has to deal with is far from complete.

    Now it’s all different in a fundamentally new ADO.NET Data Provider for OLE DB

    IBProvider Team

    Firebird driver

    Are your data access components ready for Firebird 3?

    Firebird 3 driver for OLE DB

    We are continuing to actively add new functionality of Firebird 3 DBMS to IBProvider.

    Let us remind you that already 2 months ago we added support of BOOLEAN data type from Firebird 3. In the new version of IBProvider Professional, we added support of PACKAGE instruction.

    Now you can put in order a bulk of database procedures and functions and group them by sense into individual modules (PACKAGE). This arrangement will substantially simplify understanding and maintenance of SQL code.

    Ream more about Firebird 3 access improvements.

    4 key distinctions of the new IBProvider v3.4 that make your applications faster

    4 key distinctions of the new IBProvider v3.4 that make your applications faster:

    Firebird driver become faster

    1. Possibility to abort lengthy loading of resulting rowsets in SQL scripts.
    2. Control and adjustment at your own discretion of deferred data loading.
    3. Accelerated work with BLOB fields and arrays in updatable rowsets.
    4. Background garbage collector became multithreaded.

    Please read details here: Firebird driver become faster

    Know how to add execution of SQL-scripts in your programs!

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    Do you want to enable execution of SQL scripts in your programs and spend less time for exhausting coding?

    Do you want to create a table, a generator and a trigger, to add data to the table, to make data selection and then to delete all this in one command? For example:

    set autoddl on;
    set transaction;
    create generator GEN_ID_TEST_TABLE;
    create trigger BI_TEST_TABLE for TEST_TABLE
     before insert
    insert into TEST_TABLE (text) values('record 1');
    insert into TEST_TABLE (text) values('record 2');
    set term !!;
    select * from TEST_TABLE!!
    set terminator ;!!
    set autoddl off;
    drop table TEST_TABLE;
    drop generator GEN_ID_TEST_TABLE;

    Now it is possible with new IBProvider! IBProvider v. allows to run a command with several SQL queries (SQL scripts).

    Read more right now:
    Know how to add execution of SQL-scripts for Firebird and Interbase in your programs!

    Do you use TIME and TIMESTAMP in your applications? The new IBProvider version will further simplify your work!

    Have you ever lost microseconds when working with the type TIME?
    Definitely, if you have ever tried to use them. In the previous versions of IBProvider, time was stored in OLE DB structure of DBTYPE_DBTIME type that does not support fractions of a second.

    In the new IBProvider version, time data types have been improved
    . The new properties dbtime_rules and dbtimestamp_rules allow to set time storage not only in DBTIME/DBTIMESTAMP but also in WSTR and in the new type of MS SQL 2008 – DBTIME2 without losing milliseconds.

    Please, read more and download new IBProvider Professional right now: Download Firebird OLE DB driver.

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