IBProvider 3.13.3. First new year release and free access to LCPI ADO.NET Data Provider for OLEDB

Firebird driver

A half year before we product first release of LCPI ADO.NET Data Provider for OLEDB, which became powerful alternative of standard .Net OLE DB Provider and provide advanced opportunities for all Firebird and Interbase users in .Net Framework:

  • Automatic generation of command parameters which you do not need to enter manually anymore;
  • Named and unnamed parameters, also IN, OUT and IN-OUT parameters;
  • Connection pooling and SQL statement pooling which let your code run even faster;
  • Nested (┬źnested_trans=true┬╗) and distributed (TransactionScope, EnlistTransaction) transactions;
  • All data types, including GUID, TIME (Dialect 3), DATE (Dialect 3) and multidimensional arrays;
  • The MARS technology which enables working simultaneously with several active DataReader objects;
  • And hey, ExecuteScalar now really loads one value only, not the entire record
  • Multiple parameter-containing commands in one statement (SQL scripts);

Up to this day LCPI ADO.NET Data Provider for OLEDB was available only in professional version of IBProvider but now you can download it on the download page together with first release of IBProvider in the new year:

You cand download Firebird OLE DB Provider and ADO .Net Data Provider here.


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