New IBProvider with queries pool and enhanced working with Delphi.

Performance optimization for repeated queries
New IBProvider v3 has the pool of SQL-queries that stores prepared and created commands and allows substantial time saving with a large number of repeated queries for Firebird.

Support of tables list getting in Delphi in Client Cursor Engine mode
Tables list getting has been brought into compliance with the requirements of dbGo components in Client Cursor Engine mode.

Attention! Special offer!
20 % discount for any IBProvider license is valid for 4 days only.

Please read details here: query pooling in Firebird

Usage of BOOLEAN and GUID types in Firebird and Interbase now available with IBProvider

GUID type is currently not supported by any Firebird and Interbase server, but it is frequently used by different clients (for example, in ADO Entity Framework).

Boolean type is supported by Interbase starting from 7th version and is not supported by Firebird server. IBProvider can work with this type, but it lacks support from other servers.

New release of IBProvider supports Guid and Boolean types at driver level, and now you can freely use these types in your applications irrespective of Interbase and Firebird server versions.

Absolutely fresh article of how to with types via IBProvider:
Usage of BOOLEAN and GUID types in Firebird and Interbase.

New IBProvider version with enhanced Firebird 2.5 support

New IBProvider Professional version has appeared.

Following changes were implemented:

  • Commands cancellation support in Firebird 2.5 and Interbase 6.5.
  • Support of new data type SQL_NULL in Firebird 2.5.
  • Access to BLOB fields from ADOExpress (dbGo) bug was fixed.
  • New implementation of result sets cache.

Detailed release description and code samples of the Firebird 2.5 implemented features available here: IBProvider RC4

16 versions of Firebird and Interbase are now available for recording on 64-bit platforms via MS SQL Linked Server

Firebird and Interbase users implementing IBProvider drivers in their work last year were the first to take advantage of 64-bit applications. We have produced two more drivers in addition to 64-bit IBProvider v3: IBProvider v2 and IBProvider v1.

Firebird, Interbase and 64-bit MS SQL Linked Server

Due to 64-bit IBProvider v2 driver, 16 versions of Firebird and Interbase are now available for recording on 64-bit Windows OS via MS SQL Linked Server.

64-bit updatable rowsets in ADO

In addition to MS SQL Linked Server, there are many libraries and utilities that support updatable rowsets technology implemented only in IBProvider v2. One of such libraries is ADO library.

64-bit support in ADO and WHS allows to develop 64-bit automation scripts in VBScript language. For example:

  • Firebird/Interbase database automated administration scripts;
  • scripts for building reports, eporting to Office, XML, sending reports via email;
  • database backup, recovery, and replication scripts;
  • customizable business logic scripts in 64-bit applications;
  • etc.

With IBProvider drivers, writing of applications for Firebird and Interbase will become an easy and fascinating task.
We have made provision for the most difficult and will gladly share our technologies with you.

Release details on the ibprovider website: Firebird and Interbase driver

IBProvider Release Candidate 4

New release candidate of IBProvider Professional Edition has appeared. Is the modern driver for access to 16 versions of the Firebrd and Interbase servers.

Improved support of DDEX (Data Designer Extensibility) when working with Firebird and Interbase

IBProvider RC4 has the new option of stored procedures calling in Visual Studio 2008 style via ODBC escape sequences. This innovation allows to create queries and TableAdapters based on stored procedures.

Optimized working with named parameters in SQL query text

  • Fewer limitations for multiple use of same named parameter in SQL query text
  • New algorithm for choosing named parameter data type.
  • Some errors of named parameters procession detected via profound testing by exhaustive method have been eliminated.

Metadata schemes and column descriptions (IColumnsRowset) support user encoding

Metadata schemes and IColumnRowset interface now consider user charset . This allows working with metadata in set encoding.

What comes next?

New IBProvider allows comprehensive work in Unicode applications, enhanced work with NONE encoding, and supports charset markers.

New IBProvider v. RC3

  • All the detected problems that prevented comprehensive work with Firebird and Interbase from UNICODE applications have been eliminated.
  • Supports charset markers in SQL queries.
  • Supports exclusions processing when working with Interbase and Firebird via ADODB.
  • Supports working with database object names containing national symbols for connections with NONE charset.
  • Enhanced work with metadata schemes when working with database via NONE charset.
  • Advanced testing allowed detection and elimination of errors.
  • ISO8859_15 charset support.

Please read details on the Firebird driver homepage.

IBProvider for Firebird and Interbase has been released.

Changes in IBProvider v2 (build

  • Addition of UTF-8 charset support
  • Loading of charset information for COLUMN and PROCEDURE_PARAMETERS metadata schemes from system tables.

Changes in IBProvider v3 (build RC3)

New IBProvider v3 offers the brand new method for working with text data charsets:

  • We added ctype_user property that allows setting the encoding of data coming to client irrespective of the encoding in which this data is coming from database server.
  • New algorithms of BLOB fields converting provide for quick work with flowing data, optimization of interaction with ICU library.
  • We added ctype_none property that allows setting the charset for working with text data in NONE encoding.
  • Other important changes.
  • Support of Firebird and Interbase charsets aliases.

See detailed information on working with new character set processor in Firebird and Interbase character sets.

Text columns size in Firebird 2.X

IBProvider started to control text columns size when working with Firebird 2 servers in Unicode mode. If the length of loaded data exceeds the text column size the exclusion will be generated.

Access to Firebird from Delphi using dbGo components

The new article was published: Working with Firebird and Interbase from Delphi using IBPRovider and dbGo components.

Table of content:

  • TADOConnection component
  • TADOTable component
  • TADODataSet component
  • Sending changes to database – updatable rowsets technology
  • Client and server cursors
  • What provider to choose?
  • TADOQuery component
  • SQL-queries with parameters
  • TADOStoredProc component
  • TADOCommand component
  • Transactions

New IBProvider support of 49 code pages

The new IBProvider version:

Read details on: Firebird driver news channel

New article: Start working with Firebird

IBProvider announce the artcile: Start working with Firebird
Table of content:
What is Firebird SQL Server?
What Firebird version to choose?
Firebird installation: choosing server type
       Firebird Super Server
       Firebird Classic Server
       Firebird Embedded
       If it is difficult to choose
Start working with Firebird
      New Firebird database creation
Firebird security
      SYSDBA User. Changing default password
Connection to Firebird from client’s application
     Firebird and VBScript, Visual Basic, VBA
     Firebird and Delphi
     Firebird and .Net
     Firebird and C++
Firebird database editing
    The List of Firebird administration utilities
Useful links

Original manual: Firebird

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