Access to Firebird from Delphi using dbGo components

The new article was published: Working with Firebird and Interbase from Delphi using IBPRovider and dbGo components.

Table of content:

  • TADOConnection component
  • TADOTable component
  • TADODataSet component
  • Sending changes to database – updatable rowsets technology
  • Client and server cursors
  • What provider to choose?
  • TADOQuery component
  • SQL-queries with parameters
  • TADOStoredProc component
  • TADOCommand component
  • Transactions

New IBProvider support of 49 code pages

The new IBProvider version:

Read details on: Firebird driver news channel

New article: Start working with Firebird

IBProvider announce the artcile: Start working with Firebird
Table of content:
What is Firebird SQL Server?
What Firebird version to choose?
Firebird installation: choosing server type
       Firebird Super Server
       Firebird Classic Server
       Firebird Embedded
       If it is difficult to choose
Start working with Firebird
      New Firebird database creation
Firebird security
      SYSDBA User. Changing default password
Connection to Firebird from client’s application
     Firebird and VBScript, Visual Basic, VBA
     Firebird and Delphi
     Firebird and .Net
     Firebird and C++
Firebird database editing
    The List of Firebird administration utilities
Useful links

Original manual: Firebird

In the new edition of IBProvider Professional 7 codepages support was implemented, bugs were fixed, BLOB-fields access and memory management was improved

IBProvider v3 Release Candidate 3

  • Support of the following codepages added: DOS858, TIS620, BIG5, KSC_5601, GB_2312, SJIS_0208, EUCJ_0208;
  • Bug in the errors handling for OUT-parameters of query was fixed;
  • BLOB-fields access was improved;
  • Memory management was improved;

IBProvider v2/v1

  • BLOB-fields access was improved;
  • Memory management was improved;

Source: Interbase and Firebird driver site

New packages of IBProvider Professional Edition came out

IBProvider v3 Release Candidate 3 [build]

  • NUMERIC-types support was improved.
  • Disabled metadata cache mode performance was increased in 2.5 times.
  • Metadata schemes were updated. Among them in schemes TABLE_INFO and TABLES classification of external (EXTERNAL TABLE) and temporary tables (GLOBAL TEMPORARY PRESERVE/DELETE) was added starting from Firebird 2.1 and Interbase 7.5.
  • Correct processing of active transactions in the connection pool.

New build IBProvider v1.9.9.2547 and IBProvider v2.6.3.2547

  • BLOB-columns metadata description bug was fixed.
  • Correct processing of active transactions in the connection pool.

Details on the Firebird driver site.

IBProvider Release Candidate 3 is available

  1. Support of the integrated Windows authentification (SSPI) for
    Firebird 2.1.
  2. Support of the system auth using environment variables: ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD.
  3. Feature of enable/disable database triggers for separate connection is available.
  4. Support of long names and BOOLEAN type in Interbase 7.x and Interbase 2007 was added.
  5. Support of arrays was improved. Access to arrays via IBProvider now becomes more robust in comparison with other Firebird database access components.

Read details on the IBProvider site.

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