Flamerobin 0.6.0 is released

Windows (setup & zip), Linux (gtk1 & gtk2), Mac OS X and source packages are available for download. Enjoy.

New features

– DDL extraction for all object types
– Rebuild View option (drop and recreate dependent objects)
– Option to drop database

Enhancements and Bug fixes

ibWebAdmin 1.0.1 released

The changes in this release are as follows:
Connections to Firebird 2 database servers are now supported, a Czech translation was added, and this maintenance release fixes the few minor issues reported over the last few months.

EMS Data Pump 2006 for InterBase/Firebird immediately available!

EMS Data Pump 2006 for InterBase/Firebird

EMS Software Development
company is pleased to announce Data Pump 2006 – the new major version of the powerful tool for converting databases and importing table data from an ADO-compatible sources to Firebird and InterBase databases!

EMS DB Comparer 2006 for InterBase/Firebird immediately available!

EMS Software Development Company is pleased to announce DB Comparer 2006 for InterBase/Firebird – the new major version of the powerful tool for InterBase and Firebird database comparison and synchronization! It allows you to view all the differences in compared database objects and execute an automatically generated script to eliminate all or selected differences.

Firebird used in 1000+ schools in Flanders

If it’s interesting for Firebird & Turbocash:

All our applications run using Firebird, in 3-tier mode. The 2 flagships applications are:

– School administration software. – Used by 1000+ schools in Flanders.
– Accounting program. – Also used by 1000+ schools in Flanders, and by regular companies as well.

Devrace FIBPlus 6.4 – compatibility with BDS 2006

Devrace are happy to announce the release of FIBPlus 6.4 (evaluation version). This version is fully compatible with Borland Developer Studio 2006. So now FIBPlus components are compatible with a big number of Borland products: Delphi 5-7, Delphi 2005-2006, C++ Builder 5-6, 2006 and Kylix 3, as well as with servers Borland InterBase 4.x-7.x and Firebird 1.x-2.0. This new version of FIBPlus, the best tool in Database Connectivity category according to the voting results of Delphi Informant Magazine’s 2004 Reader Choice Awards, includes a number of enhancements and more than 10 bug fixes. For more details read Press release and Release notes.

Master Maths migrated to Lazarus/Firebird

I contract at Master Maths in South Africa. Master Maths entrusted Lazarus with its 3rd incarnation of its flagship product. After a few weeks of testing and prototyping different languages and development environments, we opted for Free Pascal and Lazarus. We are rewriting the flagship product using Lazarus with the Firebird DB as backend (via the FBLib components) driven by the tiOPF2 framework. The new version of the product will run under Linux and Window.

– Graeme –

TurboCASH on Lazarus/Firebird “proof of concept”

Developers from turboCASH are asking for Lazarus programers (people that program using Lazarus IDE) to set up a small test application to prove that Lazarus can be IDE of choice to port turboCASH to Linux.

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