New: IBExpert Developer Studio 2006.03.15

New: IBExpert Developer Studio 2006.03.15

IBExpert Developer Studio

Today we uploaded a new Version of IBExpert Developer Studio on

What is IBExpert Developer Studio?

IBExpert Developer Studio is a combination of IBExpert and other Modules for professional Database Development. All customers of IBExpert have access to all modules, such as

-IBExpert Integerated Development Environment
-IBEScript.exe Commandlineversion for Executing Scripts
-IBEScript.dll Script API for using IBExpert Script in your own Application
-IBExpertSQLMonitor: A Proxy Server to monitor all SQL Statements send from any clientsoftware
-IBExpertLive: Watch the Videos from Firebird Conferences and other Events
-IBExpertBackupRestore: Automate your daily Backup Restore Jobs
-IBExpertTransactionMonitor: Avoid the Oldest Active Transaction Problem automatically
-IBExpertDemoDB: A collection of useful Demodatabases

In Non Customer Versions you will only have access to IBExpert IDE and IBExpertLive. The other Modules will only work on licensed computers.

Download for Customers:
Trial Edition Download:

The IBExpert Team

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