Firebird supports viagra user :-)

Just kidding again. a friend of mine told me about an installation in his german insurance company that requires a firebird installation. After googling for some details i found that the german medical info system “gelbe liste” (yellow list) installs a firebird server with each installation. On their website i found some impressing details:
there are about 100000 doctors using this from CD ROM in germany and the company produces about 400000 CD ROMs for these users each year, every 3 month a new one.

again a very good background information for discussing with your management about “what is firebird?”.

See you

Holger Klemt

IBExpert and Firebird 2.1 64 Bit Roadshow in Germany
10.-14.12.2007 Anmeldung

Firebird supports software for patents!

but firebird does not support patents for software! just kidding 🙂

The reason why i wrote this is because on the firebird conference i was informed by a visitor about He is working for one of the largest german patent lawyer companies that uses the firebird server since a long time already. Their main database has about 400GB of patent informations. Epoline ist the official software required by European Patent Office for submitting patents in all European Countries. He expects that there about 23000 patent lawyer in the EU who must use this software to submit patents. It can be downloaded for free from (about 170MB) and it does install and use the firebird server 1.5. With this information we now know that there are at least 23000 additional firebird installations in Europe. I will try to get some more background informations from the people behind this software.

This infomation might be useful for discussions regarding firebird reference users.

See you on next firebird conference in 2008 or on the firebird 2008 world bbq tour

Holger Klemt

Last chance: Early bird discount ends today Sep 20!

Last chance: Early bird discount ends today Sep 20!

Time is running out to save money through early bird registration to attend 5th International Firebird Database Conference 2007 in Hamburg, Germany. Attendees who are members of the Firebird Foundation can subscribe using the early bird discount prices until oct 10.

Conference Program and Registration Form:

5th International FBConference 2007: Conference session planner now available

5th International Firebird Conference 2007
18.-20. Oct in Hamburg Germany

The conference session planner now available for download

For german speaking visitors: In diesem Jahr haben wir wieder viele Vorträge in deutscher Sprache eingeplant. Am Donnerstag und Freitag sind spezielle deutsprachige Einsteigerkurse dabei, während die fortgeschrittenen Anwender in englischen Vorträgen
ihr Wissen vertiefen können. An beiden Tagen können Sie auch im Codecamp Ihre konkreten Probleme mit den anwesenden deutschen und internationalen Experten analysieren. Am Samstag sind dann allgemeinere Informationen in deutschen und englischen Vorträgen zu erwarten.

For english speaking visitors: This year we have a special entry level track on thursday and friday. For advanced visitors you find a seperate thread. In the codecamp, you can ask on both days the experts and let them analyze your real world problem. On saturday
you will find more general session topics.

Early bird conference fees (valid until 20th sep 2007):

IBExpertWebForms Trial Version included in newest IBExpert Version

IBExpertWebForms Trial Version included in newest IBExpert Version

New IBExpert Version gives you a fully functional Web Development
Platform for Web 2.0 Applications. To understand how it works we
recommend to download the first 3 parts of the IBExpertWebForm
Tutorial. IBExpertWebForms is based on XML, PHP, Apache, HTML
and Javascript, but for creating such applications, you just
need your existing knowledge of SQL language and some enhancements
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Version is included in all IBExpert Version.

New sessions in IBExpertLive! Free Firebird training and Conference videos online!

New sessions in IBExpertLive! Free Firebird training and Conference videos online!

What is IBExpertLive?

HK-Software has implemented a streaming system based on the Firebird database
server, which publishes pictures and audio, as needed to view the presentations from
the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Firebird Conferences. There are also IBExpert
tutorial videos enabling you to learn more about working with Firebird and
InterBase with IBExpert. There is currently about 55GB of video data available,
with around 200 hours of firebird-related presentations from last two Firebird
Conferences and other events.

Free IBExpert PWX InterBase/Firebird Password Change Tool

Using this tool, any user can change his own password as needed.
You just have to enter the servername, the username, the old
password and twice the new password. It can be freely distributed
anywhere. To get a version without the IBExpert logo and info
text, please contact

Download: please register with complete address at

IBExpert Customer Version will include this tool starting next
Free IBExpert PWX InterBase/Firebird Password Change Tool

IBExpert Database Solutions: How to improve you Firebird/Interbase database?

How to find the procedures, trigger and views, that do not use an index in their operations?
How to find the procedures and triggers that have typical type casting problems?
How to know if your database servers garbage collection is working?
How to change the Character Set of all tables in a database?
How to compare the metadata of different databases and create a script that does all required changes?
How to activate a Version Control System for stored procedures and Triggers?
How to compare the current database object with an object in another database?
How to create a sql for a insert, update, delete or other statements automatically?
How to find all objects that have dependencies to the current object?
How to compare different hardware and database server concerning the speed?

See Solutions from the IBExpert Team below:

IBExpert New Version 2006.10.14 ready for Download

IBExpert New Version 2006.10.14 ready for Download

Today we uploaded a new Version 2006.10.14
of IBExpert on

What´s new?
-Query Manager
-BEGIN/END and CASE/END visual highligting
-Interbase 2007 Support
-Debugger Support for CROSS JOIN
-IBExpertWebForms Server Script Version now available
-IBExpertWebForms vmware Server demo now available
-New IBExpert Book
-Firebird Conference 2006
-Das Highlight der IBExpert Roadshow 2006: IBExpertWebForms
Termine 19.10. in Berlin und 20.10. in Hamburg

and much more …

IBExpert Personal Edition download is now using new IBExpert Webforms Technology

Dear IBExpert User,

when you download free IBExpert Personal Edition, you have to use a new url:

HK-Software Download Center

On this url, you will see the first real life application created with
IBExpert Webforms, a new technology available in one of the next
IBExpert Versions.

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