Firebird used in 1000+ schools in Flanders

If it’s interesting for Firebird & Turbocash:

All our applications run using Firebird, in 3-tier mode. The 2 flagships applications are:

– School administration software. – Used by 1000+ schools in Flanders.
– Accounting program. – Also used by 1000+ schools in Flanders, and by regular companies as well.

The installations run from stand-alone for the ‘Kintergarden school’ secretary, to full 3-tier client-server. Number of connected users runs from 1 user, over an a average connection count of 20, up to a current maximum of 500+ simultaneous connections.

All started on IB 6.0 back in 2000, and migrated to Firebird as soon as it came out.

So Turbocash people should not worry about firebird, or lazarus, being able to handle it…

Michael Van Canneyt (michael at

ps:I’m currently writing specs for a ‘serious’ application (a grade tracker for teachers) which will use (embedded) firebird as a back-end database, which will be using tiOPF or InstantObjects and LazReport – all this in Lazarus. This is a commercial application, I’m telling this to show our trust in Lazarus.

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