Converting a #MySQL database to Firebird Part1 (from Lamp to Flaps)

Milan Babuskov wrote on his blog about his first steps in moving one host from Mysql to Firebird

I have a heavy-used website powered by LAMP stack (CentOS Linux,
Apache 2, MySQL and PHP). It started on a shared hosting so I had to
use MySQL. Year and a half later, I switched shared, virtual hosting
and not run it on a dedicated server. I decided to try Firebird to see
how it performs and also how it compares to MySQL in RAM usage, disk
usage, etc.

Database Workbench Pro 3.4 released

Ladies, gentlemen,

Upscene Productions is proud to announce the next version of the popular database development tool: Database Workbench Pro 3.4

Changes Highlights in 3.4
– NexusDB v3 support
– Extended Firebird 2.1 support
– New diagramming related features and enhancements
– Many enhancements and bug fixes…

Download a trial at:
Full list of features and fixes: click here

MySQL shake-up could be a blessing

I’d argue that Sun needs to tighten the reins on MySQL development, not let them go. Going forward, MySQL will need to work hard if it wants to stay in front of the low-end database business. It’s no longer the reigning speed king; if fast, SQL-based storage is all you care about, SQLite is a better alternative. And competing open source databases like PostgreSQL and Firebird offer better feature sets for exactly the same price as MySQL.

Read full article in Infoworld.

Take an Open Source Database Survey

Do you know which open source feature is the most important? Do you know which open source database rocks and which one sucks? Is MySQL better than Postgres? Is Ingres worth considering? How does Firebird compare? Have you used, or have you considered using, an open source database?

Take a survey. It’s only 15 questions so it takes just a few minutes.

I’ll post a link where you can get the results once they have been compiled and prepared.

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