Podcast – Mentions MySQL’s acquisition of Netfrastructure

The latest Podcast. Topics include LQ conference updates, 2005 Members Choice Awards, your feedback on LQ, the LQ Articles and Editorials section, the MySQL acquisition of Netfrastructure, more on the MySQL, Oracle, SAP rumors and the TCO study sponsored by OSDL and Levanta.



ED:Members Choice Awards For Databases (will be published in 6March)

Firebird used in 1000+ schools in Flanders

If it’s interesting for Firebird & Turbocash:

All our applications run using Firebird, in 3-tier mode. The 2 flagships applications are:

– School administration software. – Used by 1000+ schools in Flanders.
– Accounting program. – Also used by 1000+ schools in Flanders, and by regular companies as well.

Master Maths migrated to Lazarus/Firebird

I contract at Master Maths in South Africa. Master Maths entrusted Lazarus with its 3rd incarnation of its flagship product. After a few weeks of testing and prototyping different languages and development environments, we opted for Free Pascal and Lazarus. We are rewriting the flagship product using Lazarus with the Firebird DB as backend (via the FBLib components) driven by the tiOPF2 framework. The new version of the product will run under Linux and Window.

– Graeme –

TurboCASH on Lazarus/Firebird “proof of concept”

Developers from turboCASH are asking for Lazarus programers (people that program using Lazarus IDE) to set up a small test application to prove that Lazarus can be IDE of choice to port turboCASH to Linux.

OSDB market soap opera update (mysql and firebird)

“I’m almost certain that you wont see any integration of firebird into mysql (and I don’t think the firebird community would really want that anyway), but it’s probably worth keeping an eye on as this sure looks like mysql’s play to get out from under the shadow of the recent oracle maneuvers, and so will have an effect on how the mainstream tech market looks at all open source db’s.”

Robert Treat wrote in his blog

The open source ripple effect

As the industry continues to digest what Oracle’s acquisition of Sleepycat means for MySQL and its open source plans, Bruce Perens has an interesting take on the impact of proprietary vendors acquiring their way into open source

Oracle’s potential purchase of JBoss, he notes, can be seen as a move against BEA, which has made its own moves to open source previously proprietary work to protect its position against JBoss.


What has happened to the Open Source Database Consortium?

A while ago, people from the major Open Source database systems have met to form the Open Source Database Consortium – that was in October 2005.

OK, that’s not that long ago, but I hope that the ambitions to co-operate aren’t over again. It was told that a website will be created at

MySQL’s response to Oracle’s moves

I’ve recently written two articles on this topic for Database Journal, the earlier, written after the InnoDB purchase, entitled Oracle’s purchase of InnoDB, their release of Oracle Express, and the effect on MySQL, and the most recent, just after the Sleepycat purchase, entitled Pressure on MySQL increases as Oracle purchases Sleepycat, with more to come.

Since I only do a monthly column for Database Journal, and things change quite quickly, I thought I’d post a few more thoughts on the topic.

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