Sweet-talking Firebird with Delphi

Australian Delphi User Group Symposium – La Trobe University, Melbourne. Helen Borrie will be giving a session on: Sweet-talking Firebird with Delphi

New Debian firebird2 packages fix denial of service

Aviram Jenik and Damyan Ivanov discovered a buffer overflow in firebird2, an RDBMS based on InterBase 6.0 code, that allows remote attackers to crash.

Job Scheduler 1.2.5

This release includes support for SQL Server 2005 and Firebird 1.5.

The Job Scheduler runs executable files, shell scripts, and database procedures automatically (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2). It processes sequential and parallel tasks and job chains, provides an API for job implementation with Java, Javascript, VBScript, and Perl, and exposes jobs as Web services.

Release focus: Major feature enhancements

dnfbb beta version online

A preview of the new board is now available at http://dnfbb.fbtalk.net/, you will need to register to see more details.

although this is an early beta, any feedback (within the dnfbb forum) is welcome.

[ED:You might notice a short delay when receiving your signup email, or password reminder requests.Here is why]

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